First Steps: Sunway & Malaysia



First Steps: Sunway & Malaysia


Students studying abroad in a new country for the first time may have plenty of worries and concerns about adapting and making new friends. The First Steps: Sunway & Malaysia (FS) programme began since August 2020 as a 5-day virtual programme to provide students with information on basic needs, language, culture and a platform to meet local seniors to assist with their preparation and transitioning into Sunway and Malaysia.

Previously a pre-orientation programme, FS will now shift to physical activities during the study semester and focusing on the cultural and social aspects in guiding the students. The full programme will last for 1 to 2 months. 


Student LIFE will host the activities over the course of 1 month at a set date and time for all buddies and new students:

  • Meet Your Family
  • Cultures of Malaysia
  • Local Lingo
  • Familiarise and Harmonise
  • Buddy Sessions


Past Programs

January 2021

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August 2020




"A warm friendly (virtual) hug was the first thought I got when I looked back at the 5 days spent with the First Steps' members. When first applying to Sunway I was very nervous, not knowing what to expect, but the first session with the crew completely took that feeling away. They made me feel as though we were already good friends. Including us in the discussion and playing a series of games really helped loosen us up. They also provided a very good range of information that was not only focused on academia but also Malaysian culture, its people and its cuisines. As an international student I'd like to have a sense of security as well as a constant feeling of being welcomed and accepted, and each and every one of the buddies gave me that feeling. They did an amazing job representing their beautiful country. The nervousness has definitely subsided and all that's left is excitement! I look forward to coming to Malaysia and hopefully meeting my buddies as well."

- Emily Islam, Uganda




"First Steps: Sunway & Malaysia was such an informative, fun, helpful and such a welcoming programme. Especially to students who are flying to Malaysia for the first time I recommend that you attend this not just because of the information but you can clear your doubts regarding Malaysia and Sunway University. You will engage with your peers and seniors who are ready to help you anytime. More than anything after the programme you feel like Malaysia and Sunway university your home. I would like to recommend this programme for every new student! It will a whole new experience."

- Yasasmie Liyanaarachchi, Sri Lanka


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