Professor Shandre Mugan Thangavelu

Professor Shandre Mugan Thangavelu

  • Head-Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia
  • Senior Fellow-Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development


PhD, Queen’s University, Ontario; Master of Arts, Queen’s University, Ontario; Bachelor with honors, University Winnipeg, Manitoba

Professor Shandre is the Head of the Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia at Sunway University. He is also the Trade Advisor to the Minister of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce, Kingdom of Cambodia. For his contribution to Cambodia’s trade and development, Professor Shandre was awarded the Royal Order of Sowathara Commander. Before his appointment at the Institute, he was a Regional Director at Centre for International Economic Studies at the Institute of International Trade and the Director of the Asia Growth Research Centre at the University of Adelaide. He is an active researcher on human capital development, technology transfer, foreign direct investment, trade, government infrastructure investment, productivity and economic growth. He has written extensively on ASEAN integration, FDI, human capital development, technology transfer and economic growth and has published his research in major international journals. He has written several books on trade, investment, integration and outsourcing in Asia. He has also worked on several international projects commissioned by UNDP, World Bank, ASEAN Secretariat, APEC, and Asian Productivity Organization (APO).

Research Interests

  • Human Capital Development
  • Technology Transfer
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Trade
  • Government Infrastructure Investment
  • Productivity and Economic Growth

Notable Publications



  • Thangavelu, S.M., (2022). “The Dynamism of East Asia and RCEP: The Framework of Regional Integration” (with Fukunari Kimura, Shujiro Urata, Dionisius A. Narjoko), ERIA, Jakarta.
  • Thangavelu, S.M., (2022). “Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership: Implications, Challenges and Future Growth of ASEAN and East Asia” (with Fukunari Kimura, Dionisius A. Narjoko), ERIA, Jakarta.
  • Thangavelu, S.M., (2020). “Supply Chain Resilience: Reducing Vulnerability to Economic Shocks, Financial Crisis and Natural Disasters” (with Fukunari Kimura and V. Anbumozhi), Springer, U.K.
  • Thangavelu, S.M., (2019). “Singapore Chronicles: Trade and Investment”, 2019, Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore.
  • Thangavelu, S.M., (2019). “Feasibility Study on the Free Trade Agreement between The Kingdom of Cambodia and The Eurasian Economic Union”, 2019. ERIA Research Project Report 2018, no. 16, Jakarta.
  • Thangavelu, S.M., (2018). Singapore Chronicles: Trade and Investment, Institute of Policy Studies, National University of Singapore and Singapore Straits Times Press, Singapore.

Working papers:

  • Thangavelu, S.M., Nguyen Dinh Chur, Dong Thi Thuy Linh, (2018). Utilisation of Regional Trade Agreements and Development of Vietnam.
  • Hing, Vutha, Shandre Mugan Thangavelu and D. Narjoko,  (2020). ‘Human Capital and Participation in Global Value Chains: Evidence from Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Indonesia’, Asian Development Bank Institute Working Paper no. 1142, Tokyo, Japan.


  • Thangavelu, S.M.; Wenxiao Wang, Sothea Oum, (2018). “Servicification in Global Value-Chain: Case of Asian Countries”, 2017, forthcoming at The World Economy.

Articles in academic indexed journals:

Proceeding papers:

  • Thangavelu, S.M., (2019). “Trade, Polarization and Human Capital in Global Production Value Chain”, (with Wenxiao Wang and Christopher Findlay), submitted to Asian Economic Papers.
  • Thangavelu, S.M., (2019). “Value-added Trade, Human Capital and Production Linkages Across Borders” (with Wenxiao Wang), submitted to Oxford Economic Papers.
  • Thangavelu, S.M., (2019). “Global Value Chains, Firms and Wage Inequality: Evidence from China”, (with Wenxiao Wang and Faqin Lin), submitted to China Economic Review.
  • Thangavelu, S.M., (2018). “Servicification in Global Value-Chain: Case of Asian Countries”, (with Wenxiao Wang and Sothea Oum), The World Economy, vol. 41, issue 11, pp. 3045-3070.
  • Thangavelu, S.M. (2018). “FDI, Financial Constraints, and Productivity: Firm Level Study in Vietnam” (Aekapol Chongvilaivan), submitted to Applied Economics.
  • Thangavelu, S. M., (2018). “Trade Policy Change and Firm Adjustment: A Search for Underlying Mechanism Case of Vietnamese Firms” submitted to Journal of Economic Studies.
  • Thangavelu, S.M.; Wang, Wenxiao; & Oum, Sothea. (2018). “Servicification In Global Value Chains: Comparative Analysis of Selected Asian Countries With OECD”. The World Economy, 41(11), 3045–3070.


  • "FTA Utilization Policy",

    ADB-UNCTAD Special Session on "Increasing Asian FTA Utilization for Stronger Regional Integration", 18th EAEA Conference at Seoul National University, 20-21 October 2023 [View presentation slides]

  • “Policy Adaptation and Review” workshop-lecture, at The International Council of Malaysian Scholars and Associates (ICMS) Malaysia Public Policy Competition (MPPC) 2020, 14-16 August 2020


Professional Associations

  1. Program Director, the Master in Public Policy, Sunway University
  2. Associate Professor, Regional Director, Centre for International Economic Studies, Institute of International Trade, University of Adelaide
  3. Director of the Asia Growth Research Centre, University of Adelaide.

Current Projects

  1. International projects commissioned by UNDP, World Bank, ASEAN Secretariat, APEC, and Asian Productivity Organization (APO).