Prof Dr Kenneth Alan Feinstein

Dr Kenneth Alan Feinstein

Prof Dr Kenneth Alan Feinstein

  • Associate Dean (Employability and Engagement)


Kenneth Alan Feinstein is an artist, theorist, curator and writer. He has exhibited internationally, including solo exhibitions at the Chelsea Art Museum, New York; the Jogja Nasional Museum, Jogjakarta, Indonesia; group exhibitions at the Millennium Museum, Beijing; the National Visual Art Gallery, Malaysia; and the Museum of the World Ocean, Kaliningrad, Russia. His award-winning films have been shown at film festivals including the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival and Oaxaca Film Festival. His print Try Me was the first digital print in the New York Public Library print collection. He was the first non-Malaysian curator at the National Visual Arts Gallery, Malaysia with the exhibition Immaterial Frontiers 2.0, 2014. His writings focus on media theory and philosophy. He has published books, articles and given talks on issues surrounding the ethics of new media practice. He is the author of The Image That Doesn’t Want to Be Seen, Apropos Press.


Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • PhD (Magna Cum Laude) in Media Philosophy, European Graduate School (EGS), Switzerland 
  • MA (Cum Laude) in Media & Communications, European Graduate School (EGS), Switzerland 
  • BA in Film & Photography, Hampshire College, USA

Research Interests

  • Media theory
  • Philosophy of photography
  • Media ethics
  • Interactive media
  • Game design
  • Game theory
  • Experimental film
  • Digital humanities

Notable Publications

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