Assoc. Prof. Dr Khor Kuan Siew

Assoc. Prof. Dr Khor Kuan Siew

  • Associate Professor
  • Assistant Head - Department of Management
Department of Management


Khor Kuan Siew is an Associate Professor at the Department of Management at Sunway Business School. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy from the School of Technology Management and Logistics at University Utara Malaysia and she has been recognised as Chartered Manager by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Her research interest focused on green supply chain management and sustainable development management, with special interest in UNSDG Goal #11: “Sustainable Cities and Communities” and Goal #12: “Responsible Consumption and Production”.

Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • PhD in Management, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 2013
  • BSc in Technology Management, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 2008

Teaching Areas

  • Management

Courses Taught

  • Green Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Management
  • Operation Management
  • Research Methods
  • Business Research Execution
  • Master’s Research Project/Dissertation
  • Principles of Management

Notable Publications

2022 -

Noordin, N., Khor, K. H., Khor, K. S., Lim, Y. J., & Lee, Y. C. . Dog Owners’ Perspectives on Canine Heart Disease in Klang Valley, Malaysia. Animals, 12(8), 985. (Impact: 3.231 | Scopus: Q1)

2022 -

Homer, S. T., Yee, K. V., & Khor, K. S. . Developing a measurement instrument for perceived Corporate citizenship using multi-stakeholder, multi-industry and cross-country validations. Quality & Quantity, 1-24. (ABDC: B | Scopus: Q1)

2022 -

Ooi, P. B., Khor, K. S, Tan, C. C., Ong, D, L. T. . Depression, anxiety, stress, and satisfaction with life: Moderating role of interpersonal needs among university students. Frontiers in Public Health. (Impact: 6.461 | Scopus: Q1)

2021 -

Homer, S.T., & Khor, K.S. . Exploring the perceptions of Malaysian Gen Z towards the impact of COVID-19 on sustainable development. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. (Impact: 5.190 | Scopus: Q1)

2021 -

Homer, S. T., & Khor, K. S. . Sustainable campus using concept mapping: A bottom-up approach engaging both staff and students. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 23 (3), 645-665. (Impact:4.120 | Scopus: Q1)

2021 -

Khor, K. H., Khor, K. S., Lee, Y. C., & Lim, Y. J. . Would Cat Owners Intend to Treat their Cats If Diagnosed with Heart Disease? Journal of Veterinary Behavior, 41, 39-46. (Impact:  2.172| Scopus: Q1)

2020 -

Khor, K. S., Ramayah, T., & Panjehfouladgaran, H. . Managing eco-design for reverse logistics. International Journal of Environment and Waste Management, 26 (2), 125-146. (Scopus: Q3)

2019 -

Sujata, M., Khor, K. S., Ramayah, T., & Teoh, A. P. . The role of social media on recycling behaviour. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 20, 365-364. (Impact: 8.921 | Scopus: Q1)

2018 -

Hazen, B. T., Boone, C. A., Wang, Y., & Khor, K. S. . Perceived quality of remanufactured products: Construct and measure development. Journal of Cleaner Production, 142 (Part 2), 716-726. (ABDC: A | Impact: 11.072 | Scopus: Q1)

2017 -

Khor, K. S., & Hazen, B. T. . Remanufactured products purchase intentions and behavior: Evidence from Malaysia. International Journal of Production Research, 55(8), 2149-2162. (ABDC: A | Impact: 9.018 | Scopus: Q1)

2016 -

Khor, K.S., Udin Z. M., Ramayah, T., & Hazen, B. T. . Reverse logistics in Malaysia: The Contingent Role of Institutional Pressure. International Journal of Production Economics, 175, 96-108. (ABDC: A | Impact: 11.251 | Scopus: Q1)

2015 -

Khor, K. S., Thurasamy, R., Ahmad, N. H., Halim, H. A., & May-Chiun, L. . Bridging the Gap of Green IT/IS and Sustainable Consumption. Global Business Review, 16(4), 571-593. (Rating: C) (ABDC: C | Scopus: Q2)