Economic Studies Press

Trade and investment the key

Prof Yeah said Malaysia’s success in the 90s now needs to be tempered with effective implementation strategies, programmes and initiatives formulated in RMK-12.

Crafting the right strategies

Yeah Kim Leng said an investment-centred strategic thrust, comprising strategies to attract domestic and foreign direct investment, could be developed.

Inflation risk

According to Yeah, Malaysia needs to be vigilant against imported inflation and global price shocks, even though the threat is rather limited.

Tough to regulate online gambling, says economist

Yeah Kim Leng of Sunway University said regulating and licensing online gambling would ensure that the country does not lose its tax revenue.

Experts: Budget is good start but implementation may be an issue

Prof Dr Yeah commented that Budget 2022 should ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the spending through monitoring the outcome so no one is left behind.

Tight fiscal headroom raises eyebrows

Dr Yeah Kim Leng voiced concern over the 3rd straight year of expansionary budgets as the debt service charge is close to the unsustainable threshold of 20%.

Expansionary budget to mitigate Covid-19 fallout expected

Prof Dr Yeah Kim Leng expects higher spending for welfare, education, reskilling and job creation programmes to sustain the economic recovery in Budget 2022.

Economists voice concern over high cost of HSR project, advise review

Dr Yeah Kim Leng said the government must review the economic viability of the HSR as the break with Singapore leaves the project less feasible.

Experts advise review and revision of NEP to suit current times

Prof Dr Yeah advocates a shift from a bumiputra-focused NEP to a ‘pro-poor’ policy, in line with UN SDGs and the Malaysian Family agenda.

All set for interstate travel

Prof Yeah said easing travel restrictions would enable greater economic and social activities to take place that in turn would boost consumption spending.

Govt assistance goes a long way in uplifting those in need

Prof Dr Yeah Kim Leng said the revision in the national poverty line income (PLI) is helpful in terms of allowing more households to fall under the new threshold and be included in government aid and targeted programmes

Growth expectations for 2021-22 may be over-optimistic, says economist

Prof Dr Yeah Kim Leng believes restoring potential growth may take longer than expected due to the lasting damage and loss of economic capital and productivity as a result of the pandemic and lockdowns