Interdisciplinary. Encompassing. Inclusive.

Sunway University Research


Rapidly establishing itself as a University that advances multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research on the global stage, Sunway University is committed to solving global challenges particularly in the areas of sustainable development and planetary health. The University's focus areas are:


  • Actuarial Science & Mathematical Modelling

  • Climate Change & Planetary Health Sciences

  • Creative Arts, Media, & Culture

  • Future & Emerging Technologies

  • Hospitality & Tourism

  • Medical & Health Services

  • Psychological & Neurological Sciences

  • Sustainable Business

  • Sustainable Science & Technologies


We welcome enquiries from researchers interested in joining us or collaborating with us, and also welcome applicants for research masters degrees or PhD study with our professors and research centres (see our Programmes page for details on our current masters and PhD programmes).


We are committed to continual improvement of our academic capability and effectiveness by

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Enhancing the awareness of quality and the competency of our academic, administrative and management staff;

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Maintaining and continually improving the Quality Management System modelled on the ISO 9001: 2015 standards and ensuring compliance to our key processes;

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Providing our students and stakeholders with products and services that meet and ideally exceed their expectations

Research Institutes

Sunway University has made significant steps towards becoming a top research-intensive private university in Southeast Asia. Strategic moves have been made in the setting up of key collaborative research institutes:

Research Centres

The University's Research Centres are multidisciplinary and some involve participation of researchers from other institutions and countries. From Digital Media to South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies and Environment Social Governance (ESG); the subjects and topics are all-encompassing, exploring potential solutions to real problems.

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Research Strategy 2022-2025

The plan sets out seven thematic areas to build on our current research focus. As Sunway University continues to expand its research presence, the plan provides the University’s direction and focus. The themes are briefly presented as declarative statements immediately below.


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Develop A World-Class Research Culture and Impact

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Retain, Recruit, Nurture And Reward World Class Research Talent

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Deliver Global Impactful Research & Development And Innovation Through Collaborative Research Partnerships

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Enable Transnational Research Culture That Impacts The Society, Environment And Economy

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Enhance And Enable Access To World-Class Research Infrastructure

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Creating Global Research Footprints

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A Resilient And Agile Research Management Workforce


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Research Ethics

Research ethics ensures the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and transparency in research, protecting human and animal welfare, maintaining public trust, and promoting research integrity. In Malaysia, research ethics is governed by various laws and guidelines, including the Guidelines for Ethical Review of Clinical Research or Research involving Human Subjects, the Guideline on the Use of Human Biological Tissues for Research, the Malaysian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes (2015), the Biosafety Act 2007, and the Code of Responsible Conduct in Research.

PhD and Masters by Research

Be part of a community of scholars dedicated to pushing boundaries of knowledge and making a lasting impact on the society.

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