Partnerships and Collaborations

Rewarding affiliations with the world’s leading experts

Sunway University has sealed partnerships and affiliations with the world’s best institutions, and these connections create strong academic and cultural ties among the institutions that encourage knowledge-sharing from the world’s leading experts.

We have a close educational partnership with Lancaster University, UK, which enables students taking many of our degree programmes to obtain a dual degree from Lancaster in addition to their Sunway University degree. With Lancaster being ranked among the top UK universities, this partnership gives an excellent opportunity for Malaysian and international students to get a leading UK degree alongside a local degree whilst studying in Southeast Asia.

In another rewarding partnership, Sunway University is proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Le Cordon Bleu International, one of the world’s oldest and well-known international culinary training organizations, which enables students to get a professional certificate in addition to their Sunway diploma or degree in certain programmes in the hospitality field. This collaboration awards graduates from certified Sunway University culinary and hospitality programmes with a degree/diploma from the University with a parchment from Le Cordon Bleu. A prestigious culinary arts institution, Le Cordon Bleu was established in 1895 in Paris and is acclaimed for its excellence in gastronomy and hospitality education.     

More details of both of the above educational partnerships and the related Sunway courses can be found on our programmes pages.

In research, the University is collaborating with many institutions nationally and internationally. For example, research is being conducted in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on Carbon capture technology, and with Lancaster University we have established the joint Future Cities Research Institute tackling the issues of increasing global urbanization and sustainability. Research has been jointly carried out on gene therapy for cancer treatment with Harvard Medical School and the University also supports and hosts part of the Harvard Medical School Leadership in Medicine Southeast Asia programme.