Student Opportunities

Our University offers many opportunities for you to get involved in sustainability through clubs & societies, paid internships, events, education & more.

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Join a Club

Sunway Environmental Society (SES)

Join an environmental sustainability-focused club to further amplify student voices on campus.

Sunway Student Volunteers (SSV)

From Community and Health to Wildlife and Environment focused activities- keep an eye out for an array of volunteer opportunities that may interest you.

Sunway Gender Equality Club (SGEC)

SGEC envisions a community free from all forms of gender discrimination and harassment. Learn about historical figures and events that pioneered the gender equality movement and participate in events to spread awareness on campus.

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Opportunities for your Education

Masters in Sustainable Development Management Program


SDG Academy on Linked in Learning

Earn certificates when you complete the sustainability-focused courses prepared by the SDG Academy.



Campus With A Conscience LIVE is a platform to showcase webinars on Facebook Live. All you need is a Facebook account to access these live recordings of all past webinars featuring specially curated speakers from various industries, countries and backgrounds who can share their professional insights on sustainability, social responsibility and climate action.

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Find various activities and events throughout the semester that you can participate in to create and promote a greener campus.

Local Action For Global Goals

Global Goals Throughout the Years


The Sunway Education Group is dedicated to championing sustainability within and around its campus. In its continuous effort to make the world a better and greener place, we strive to instill sustainable practices into various aspects of students’ education experience, and to nurture a community of socially
and ecologically responsible global citizens of the future. Find out more from the latest issue of Sunwayian.



Sunway University celebrated a week-long festival of events and activities in support of the United Nations 17 SDGs and its worldwide initiative of Local Action for Global Goals 2022.
This festival featured talks, performances, and interactive workshops, as well as showcases of corporate displays on sustainability. The highlight was the sustainable marketplace where like-minded businesses were brought together to promote sustainable consumption behaviours on campus.


Sustainable Bazaar

sustainable market/bazaar

Our sustainable bazaars and markets take place throughout the school year. It is a space for small local businesses to gain exposure and tap into the youth market which inspires demand for sustainability. The vendors are mostly innovative eco brands with products that range from handmade to secondhand items.
Look out for the next bazaar so you can take part as a vendor or an enthusiastic vendee!

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Students and the Community

Empowering a sustainable community through student activities is an ongoing and spirited effort among our students. Active learning followed by action is crucial in moving toward a sustainable future.

As the biggest stakeholders of sustainability at the University, students are given the space to express their voices and ideas. Student-led projects deserve to be supported and amplified by the University in order to achieve its full and greatest potential.


Sunway Student Volunteer (SSV) is working together with the University to tackle the rampant waste management issue our nation as well as our campus is facing through a long-term project called "EcoLoop". The initial stages of the project involve educating the general campus community with informational videos and posters.