Sustainability Committee

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Sunway University Sustainability and ESG Committee

The University drives the sustainability agenda through the Sustainability and ESG Committee (SUSEC) and other working groups. This is achieved in consultation with academic thought leaders in the field, whilst prioritizing campus issues and in alignment with the larger Sunway Education Group. SUSEC has been stablished to champion and integrate principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and governance across all facets of the university's operations, academic & research programmes, and community engagement. In alignment with the University Climate Action Charter and the Sustainability Strategy, the committee aims to:
•    Implement the University Climate Action Charter 
•    Execute the Sustainability Strategy 
•    Achieve Net Zero by 2030
•    Promote ESG Principles

The committee is committed to making a meaningful impact on the environment, society, and economy, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs) and demonstrating a proactive approach to tackling climate change.


SUSEC chart