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The ADTP is one of the programmes offered by Sunway University through the School of American Education (SAE). The American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) started in 1987 as a Twinning Programme then transitioned into a Transfer Programme. Sunway’s ADTP is patterned after the American university system and was developed specifically to allow students to complete the first two years of their undergraduate degree at Sunway University and then transfer overseas for degree completion. Courses offered in the ADTP were developed in consultation with American universities to ensure that students transfer seamlessly to America to complete their studies. We offer approximately 100 courses in the ADTP most of which are freshman and sophomore-level courses that fulfil General Education/Liberal Education requirements and basic courses for various majors in US and Canadian universities. We also offer some upper level (3rd year) courses.

Most students complete approximately 60 credits in Sunway’s ADTP before transferring overseas for degree completion, while some opt for additional credits through taking some upper level (3rd year) courses. Sunway also offers an Advanced Standing programme for Business majors allowing students to do more than 80 credits in Sunway and then transfer to WMU for approximately 40 more credits to earn their Bachelor’s degree.

We have transfer agreements and other partnership agreements with many top-tier US and Canadian universities as well as universities in Australia and New Zealand. Our students have transferred to highly ranked universities in the US and Canada including Cornell, Johns Hopkins, New York University, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin and Boston University.

Volunteerism is strongly encouraged in ADTP hence many of our students provide support for events and activities in the university and community. Our students have access to over 80 clubs on campus which cater to their many interests. They also have the chance to vie for a place on the SAE Student Committee which plans and conducts fund-raising for charity events and various social activities throughout the year.

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Welcome to the School of American Education!

The American Degree Transfer Programme (ADTP) is a premier programme offered by the School of American Education at Sunway University. Since 1987, we have helped to prepare students to transfer successfully to Ivy League and top-tier universities across the United States including Cornell, Johns Hopkins, New York University, University of Michigan and Boston University. More than 75% of our students successfully transfer to Tier 1 US universities every year with close to half of them receiving scholarships from their respective schools. The ADTP also supports transfers to world-ranked universities in Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and Malaysia.

Dr Sim Tze Ying