SDG's Education

As an educational institution, our mission transcends mere academics. We are committed to sculpting individuals who not only excel in their fields but also possess a profound grasp of sustainability in both environmental and social contexts. Our ethos revolves around fostering a community where learning extends beyond the confines of classrooms, embracing a continuous exchange of knowledge and understanding among staff and students alike. We believe in equipping our community with the expertise to not just comprehend sustainability but also to effectively disseminate this crucial knowledge. 

Through our SDGs Education programme, we embark on a journey of transformation, igniting a ripple effect that begins within each member of our campus community. Our partnership with esteemed entities like the SDG Academy and Campus with a Conscience team has enabled us to craft immersive online modules and videos, laying bare the significance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guiding framework. These resources compel learners to introspect, to scrutinize their actions, and to recognize their roles in realizing the 2030 Agenda, not just locally but globally. We envision a future where our collective efforts culminate in a resilient ecosystem, fortified to support the holistic achievement of the 2030 Agenda.


Click here for Chairman Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah’s message on the SDG Online Learning Module

Message by Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah AO

Founder and Chancellor, Sunway University
Founder and Chairman, Sunway Group


Click here for Professor Elizabeth Lee’s SDG message for both Staff and Students

Message by Professor Elizabeth Lee

Chief Executive Officer, Sunway Education Group


For Staff

There are multiple ways in which staff can take part in the learning of sustainability and the understanding of the SDGs. This is mainly through courses provided by the University and practicing good habits that are taught to staff as well as institutionalised through workplace policies.

Staff Learning

For Students

Students are taught about sustainability and the SDGs throughout their education at the university. This is through compulsory courses, electives, community projects and many more. Learning about sustainability extends to outside of classroom settings such as clubs and societies, events, projects and more.

Student Learning