What We Do: Water



What is Sustainable Water Management?

Water Management controls water resources to ensure its efficiently allocated to all users on campus but also minimising the impact on the environment. The different uses of water across campus must be balanced to avoid misuse and over consumption of the water.  


What is Sunway Doing?


Water Security Project

Sunway University researcher Dr. Chen Jit Ern collaborated with a local developer in 2021 to examine South Quay Lake's water quality and provide a scientific basis and predictions on long-term solutions for maintaining and improving lake water quality – through hydrological and ecological research.

The outcomes of the study will provide baseline information on the condition of the lake, develop recommendations for improvement measures, as well as to generate sustainable remedies to ensure the lake quality is improved in both the short term and long term. This study commenced in 2021 and is expected to be completed by 2023.


World Water Day on Campus

Sunway University celebrates World Water Day by educating students on ways to save water on campus and at home through videos and campaign activities.

WATCH: 4 Ways On How We Value Water on Campus

However, reminders to adhere to water-conserving practices are on campus all throughout the year, through posters in the lavatory and above sinks in eating areas. 



Water Refill Stations
In conjunction with the launch of the #TheLastStraw campaign on 13th July 2018, the University has stopped selling water in single-use plastic bottles on campus from the campaign launch onwards.

The pilot initiative introduces the free refilling stations on campus to eliminate the use or purchase of plastic water bottles on campus and to ensure free drinking water is easily accessible to all individuals on campus including staff, students and visitors.

Related Policies

Sunway University is committed to responsible use of water in our operations. Landscape and irrigation needs are supplied by harvested rainwater, to reduce usage of potable water supplies. Indoor water reduction policies include usage of water efficient sanitary fittings such as  self-closing aerated taps, low-flow urinals and water closets that are certified with Water Efficient Products Labelling Scheme (WEPLS). These intiatives are based on our overarching Environmental Sustainability Policy.


Activities / News

SDG Library Exhibition: SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation

In conjunction with every annual Local Action for Global Goals campaign, the University hosted this year's public SDG Exhibition at the University library. SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation focuses on water regulations throughout the University building, focused research on accessible and clean…

Sunway Student Volunteers: Gardener for a Day

In collaboration with local NGO – Free Tree Society KL, the University provided free educational opportunities for students and the community about good water management in relation to gardening and plant life management.

Stormwater/Rainwater Harvesting System

Sunway University uses a rainwater harvesting system to efficiently manage our water resource. These systems are placed across campus.

Water Security & Conservation

Sunway University research team led by Dr Chen Jit Ern supports off-campus water conservation work as an expert advisor to a local developer in lake health monitoring around the city.

Water Sector Transformation Agenda 2040 (WST2040)

The Economic Planning Unit (EPU) of the Government of Malaysia has partnered with expert advisors and researchers from the Sunway Institute for Global Strategy and Competitiveness at Sunway University in a study that span the areas of education and advocacy to the water-food-energy nexus and…