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Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia


The Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia (JCI) is an independent public policy think-tank, based at Sunway University on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. JCI was established on 18th March 2014..



We produce research that acts as a catalyst towards solving some of the region’s most pressing development problems.


We develop thought leaders on contemporary issues in the region through the Master in Public Policy programme.


We foster policy partnerships to build a better world.

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  • Prof Yeah Kim Leng

    If prolonged, the shutdowns will lead to business failures and layoffs, exacerbating the economic downturn.

    Prof Yeah Kim Leng

    Senior Fellow on impact of the Malaysian Covid-19 response
  • Professor Woo Wing Thye

    We need a range of reforms for decentralised decision-making that will propel Malaysia to the next level of development.

    Professor Woo Wing Thye

    Research Professor, Sunway University
  • Professor Leong Choon Heng

    There is no shortage of sustainability solutions or creative enterprises doing good for society and the environment... we may be closing in on a general solution.

    Professor Leong Choon Heng

    Director, Education and Social Progress Programme, JCI.
  • Derek Kok

    More attention needs to be paid to the underlying causes of stunting. 12 per cent of children living in urban low-cost flats had fewer than three meals a day.

    Derek Kok

    Research Analyst in "Stunting in Malaysia: Costs, Causes and Courses for Action


JCI-WP-2024-01 Shortcomings & Missteps? Malaysia’s Efforts in Addressing Child Stunting

Despite the government’s policy introductions, the rate of child stunting in Malaysia has not improved, but in fact worsened to its 1999 level – th

Navigating Horizons: EU-Malaysia Relations and the Indo-Pacific Strategy

Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI), in collaboration with the Parliament of Malaysia and Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia, Sunway University, invites you to the ASLI Insights Series event “Navigating Horizons: EU-Malaysia Relations and the Indo-Pacific Strategy”.

JCI-WP-2023-02 Does Servicification of Manufacturing Increase the GVC Activities of Firms? The Case of India

Does greater use of services inputs in manufacturing increases the global value chain (GVC) activities of the firms?

JCI-WP-2023-01 Does Digitalization Promote the Servicification and GVC Activities of Chinese Manufacturing Firms?

This paper uses detailed firm-level and transactional-level trade data to examine the causal relationship between digitalization

The New Dynamism of East Asia and ASEAN: New Trade Institutions in FTAs and the ‘Living Agreement’ of RCEP

Publication date: 10 November 2022 | Length of brief: 7 pages | Serial Number: JCI-JSC-PB-2022-01

EAEA-17: Pre-Conference Update -- Live and Ready

The conference is ready to receive participants for a productive discussion and networking.
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