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PhD and Masters by Research

Be part of a community of scholars dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making a lasting impact on society. A PhD or Masters by Research at Sunway University offers aspiring researchers with the network and platform to explore uncharted territories, challenge existing knowledge, and make significant contributions to their chosen fields by collaborating with leading researchers.

Within this list, you will find a diverse range of offerings tailored to various interests and objectives, each designed to provide valuable insights, experiences, and opportunities for growth. Whether you are seeking educational enrichment, professional development, or personal advancement, we invite you to explore the extensive selection of programmes here:

Why Choose Sunway University?

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Exceptional Research Environment

We foster a dynamic research environment that encourages intellectual curiosity, interdisciplinary collaboration, and innovative thinking. Our faculty members are renowned experts in their respective fields, dedicated to mentorship and guiding students towards groundbreaking research outcomes. Join our vibrant research community and engage with fellow scholars, creating a network to shape your academic and professional journey.

Global Recognition

Global Recognition and Collaboration

Sunway University is globally recognized for its excellence in research and academic achievements. We have established collaborations with renowned universities, research institutions, and industry partners worldwide, opening doors to international research opportunities and cross-cultural experiences. As a student at Sunway, you will be part of a global network of scholars, enabling you to expand your horizons and broaden your perspectives.

Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

Scholarships and Funding Opportunities

We understand the financial considerations associated with pursuing advanced degrees. To support exceptional candidates, Sunway University offers a range of scholarships and funding opportunities for both domestic and international students. Our aim is to make quality education accessible to deserving individuals who demonstrate outstanding academic potential and research capabilities.

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Industry Relevant Research

Sunway University is deeply committed to producing research that addresses real-world challenges and contributes to societal impact. By pursuing your PhD or Masters by Research at Sunway, you will have the opportunity to engage with industry partners, collaborate on industry-led research projects, and make a meaningful impact through your work. We believe in bridging the gap between academia and industry, allowing you to develop skills and knowledge that are highly relevant to the current job market.

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World Class Facilities

Our campus is equipped with world-class facilities and research centers, providing you with the tools and resources necessary to conduct cutting-edge research. From advanced laboratories to specialized equipment and dedicated research spaces, Sunway University ensures that you have access to the infrastructure needed to push the boundaries of knowledge in your field.

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