Sunway University & the Community


The University has outreach projects with various local communities. These projects involve the participation of multiple internal and external stakeholders. The University focuses on community projects to fully encompass the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability. These projects focus on long-term goals and impact within every community involved, which allows for a more thorough involvement of SDGs and sustainability themes. 

The Sunway Desa Mentari Programme

One current project is the Desa Mentari revitalisation project which aims to elevate the living conditions of the urban poor community located within 10km of the campus. The primary goal of addressing poverty and inequality drives various projects involving University students and staff such as Entrepreneurship training, Urban Farming initiative, mentorship for next-generation women leaders, community education programmes promoting healthy lifestyles and more. Students' participation is part of their curriculum through the community service subject which is a compulsory unit for all undergraduate students.

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The Malaysian Society for World Action on Salt, Sugar and Health (MyWASSH), a new society registered with the Malaysian Registry of Societies (Number PPM-008-10-10112021) in October 2021, consists of clinicians, educators, and specialists with a strong interest in reducing salt and sugar intake in Malaysia. MyWassh is based at Sunway University.

MyWASSH seeks to inculcate salt and sugar reduction strategies by engaging with lawmakers, the food industry, the media, healthcare professionals and the general public.

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