Campus with a Conscience

Campus with a Conscience (CWAC), initiated in 2021, is a philosophy distinctively unique to Sunway University, where concepts of sustainable development and planetary health are not just embedded in the curriculum, but is visibly seen through the actions and activities across campus. It reflects a community built upon individuals who stay accountable to our planet and its people. The  Campus with a Conscience ideology is taken very seriously by the Sunway community to showcase how baby steps toward sustainable living can indeed make a difference. These steps include reaching out to the wider community through education and sharing of best practices using the Campus with a Conscious webinar series platform and e-bulletins. All Campus with a Conscience events are open to all staff and students, alumni, the community. 

Students also do their part in helping to educate the marginalised and displaced community.


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CWAC e-Bulletins

Campus with a Conscience (CWAC) is the University's official e-Bulletin in highlighting the University's efforts to drive a sustainable practice through events, activities and programmes. We hope through sharing our campus-wide initiatives, the community would be inspired to start making small changes in their daily habits and practices, and contributing positively to our planetary health.


cwac female scientists icon

This International Women’s Day, Sunway University celebrated its female scientists who have contributed significantly in propelling .....

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cwac impact ranking icon

In achieving an overall global rank of 401 – 600, Sunway University enters the pool of entrants as the highest-ranking private university .....

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cwac sdg board game icon

This multiplayer board game aims to become a vehicle to mainstream education for sustainable development as mandated by .....

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The impetus for the marketplace was to reduce plastic usage by encouraging uptake of reusable containers.....

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LIVE Webinars

Campus with a Conscience LIVE is a platform showcasing specially curated speakers who are experts, leaders, changemakers, movers & shakers, activists and policymakers from private and public sectors including corporations and organisations, to share insights and research findings on challenges and issues related to Sustainable development Goals (SDGs).

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Sunway University's Sustainable Initiatives

Our campus community works together through collaboration of different departments, centres, and campus stakeholders to create impactful sustainable initiatives. Explore our efforts in achieving this impact for our campus.

Butterfly & Herb Garden
Learn about the role of this garden in keeping our campus sustainable.

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