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About Sunway University Student Council 

Sunway University Student Council acts as a bridge between students and the management of Sunway University. We aim to improve the inclusivity of students and student engagement.

The President represents the team as the main mediator between students and management in any form of discussion with the management and oversees the day-to-day operations of all council departments, while playing a supporting role by advising directors on their events and initiatives strategically. The president is also the face of SUSC and represents the team to attend important meetings with Sunway University’s upper management. Other than that, the president is also responsible to ensure that all SUSC events are simulated in accordance with the vision set while preserving the welfare of all parties involved to achieve the best-case scenario.


The Vice President establishes the overall direction and strategy of the current term alongside the President and ensures that the operations of SUSC as a whole are functioning accordingly for the benefit of Sunway students; attending meetings with the University management to provide perspective from SUSC and students. The Vice President is also responsible to ensure proper and effective team dynamics across departments and foster an inclusive and conflict-free environment ensuring all executive members are in line with SUSC’s vision by conveying overall progress and significance of our initiatives.


The General Secretary is the council's backbone, with responsibilities that include assisting the president in making crucial council decisions and offering support to council members when needed. The Secretarial Department keeps proper records of all official documents and databases of the council and plans internal bonding events for the council members. The general secretary is also responsible to organise the Executive Recruitments, manage reservations for the Student Hub, and reply to any general queries sent to our general email (@email).


The General Treasurer of the Sunway University Student Council aids the president by making critical decisions for the council and aiding all members of the council as needed. The Treasury Department is in charge of reviewing and approving all member purchasing requests, as well as preparing reimbursements, budgeting and account closure, subsidy requests, checking and reviewing asset borrowing requests from SUSC, ordering items such as student council shirts and food for specific events, and recording all transactions, as well as invoicing, issuing invoices, and preparing/requesting relevant documents.


The Academic Affairs Department addresses students’ academic complaints, assists to resolve their issues, and represents the views of students on academic-related issues to the University. They will also be responsible to chair meetings with student representatives and evaluating problems such as quality of education, student rights, and the needs of students. Aside from that, the AA director will be required to attend academic meetings such as the University Teaching Learning Committee, Academic Standards Policy Committee, and Library Committee, as well as resolve other academic issues with the cooperation of student representatives.


The Extracurricular Department assists the clubs and societies at Sunway on whatever issues they might have. They serve to bridge clubs and societies to the management at Student LIFE and act as a point of reference for concerns related to extracurricular activities. The Extracurricular Department also monitors the bookings of the lockers for clubs andsocieties at the Student Hub. They are also responsible for collaborative events alongside Student LIFE and other student bodies, such as the Clubs & Societies Carnival, or other initiatives tailored for clubs and societies.


The External Relations department holds the initiatives/activities/participates in collaborations with third parties to benefit the Sunway student population and facilitates external parties' communication with the university/SUSC and acts as an intermediary. They also have the obligation to establish long-term relationships with external parties in order to enhance the university's or Sunway University Student Council's reputation outside of campus.


The International Student Relations Department assists and keeps a keen eye on international student safety issues, travel/visa issues, and mental health issues in collaboration with the International Office (IO) and SISA. The International Student Relations department will also host events suitable for both International Students and Local Students. The ISR Director is responsible for the ISRD's reputation by practicing good discipline and carrying out its initiative.


The Public Relations Department is required to produce, assist and create any promotional materials needed for initiatives from SUSC or any events related to Sunway University. The Public Relations department will also be responsible to monitor and update any relevant events and announcements on all official SUSC platforms. Other than that, they will also need to reply to all inquiries on the official SUSC social media platforms.


The Student Relations Department acts as a channel and mediator between students and staff/management regarding student welfare issues to improve the student’s experience in terms of facilities and health & safety at Sunway University. The Student Relations department also organizes events and activities that benefit the welfare of students (eg. social gatherings & stress/study relief). The SR director attends management meetings as a student representative, presenting the students’ view of the issues raised in the meetings (e.g. health and safety, food and beverage services, and IT services), and voicing concerns to promote student welfare.


Meet the Team

Know who your student leaders are and the roles they play in representing the Sunway student community, including the different departments within the council and how you can reach out to them with any issues you may come across.

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Know About Your Student Representatives

Student Representatives are individuals from each cohort of each programme per intake, and they act as the voice of the student community which works alongside SUSC to bring issues up to the management.

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Student LIFE

Student Leadership & Engagement provides avenues for students to tap into their potential via leadership opportunities, creative thinking projects and community service.


A compilation of SUSC's past management meetings, achievements and various events.

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Feedback Forms

For any facilities-related feedback, fill in the iZone eFeedback Form or call the hotline (+60 19-303 8949) to inform the facilities department about the issue directly. The form can be found at Izone > Services > eFeedback

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Events on Sunway University & College Campus.

Upcoming SUSC Events


SUSC Term 23/24 Election Candidates


Presenting to you the candidates in the running for SUSC Elections 2023/2024! These candidates come from various programmes, schools, and backgrounds. With the campaigning period coming soon, you will get a chance to know these candidates better through their manifestos and plans for the upcoming SUSC Term.
You will also be given a chance to ask the candidates questions on how they can contribute to you during our upcoming town hall. 

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Get ready to experience the party of a lifetime: Afterhours! Brace yourselves for an unforgettable night filled with electrifying beats, wild dance moves, and memories that will be the talk of the town! 
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