Post Arrival

Settle In

Please report to the International Office (Sunway College Campus) on the next working day after your arrival for us to arrange a post-medical check-up, briefing and passport submission.

  • What to do when you arrive at the International Office:
    • Inform the International Office that you are a new student
    • Ask for a post-arrival medical checkup appointment
    • Receive the Guidebook for New International Students
    • Ask about your Student Card collection

You are NOT encouraged to make any travel arrangements during the endorsement process until you receive your passport.



Come to the IO on campus on the next working day, where a pre-orientation briefing will be held. 


IO will arrange your post-arrival medical screening (compulsory for all international students) transport will also be arranged.


Post-medical screening, submit your passport to IO within 7 working days of your arrival for your Student Pass endorsement.

Post Medical Screening

In accordance with EMGS (Education Malaysia Global Services) requirement, all new international students are required to undergo the post-arrival medical screening at a registered EMGS clinic within seven (7) days of arriving in Malaysia. You can find a list of panel clinics here.

  • We will also arrange transport for you to proceed with your post medical screening. Please bring along the following documents with you to International Office upon completion of screening:
    • Passport
    • One passport-size photograph
    • Prepare RM100 for a special pass
  • For the medical screening, the required documents are as follows:

If you cannot undergo the health examination within the timeframe requested, you should notify the welfare team.



  • Post-medical screening is a mandatory process for all new international students. Failure to comply with the requirement will result in the rejection of the student pass application.
  • Students are advised not to take any prescription drugs or over-the-counter medicines (i.e., painkillers, cough syrup, etc.) one (1) week prior to the medical examination as these substances may affect the examination result.
  • Please declare to the clinic staff if you are under long-term medication or consult your treating doctor to issue a supporting letter to declare the name of the medication.
  • For females, if you are menstruating on the day of your appointment, please call and inform the welfare team to reschedule.
  • Please note that providing false information in the health examination report or supporting documents will result in the rejection of the application.
  • Students who fail the health examination may submit an appeal application within 3 working days after receiving the health examination result and may follow up with the respective clinic.
  • Students who fail an appeal application will be required to return to their home country. Any cost incurred must be borne by the students.
  • A valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is required for students who come from or transited more than 12 hours through countries with a risk of Yellow Fever transmission. For more

We hope that all international students are mindful of the consequences if they fail the medical checks after arriving in Malaysia.

Welcome Reception

Welcome to Malaysia, and welcome to Sunway University. We hope that you have settled down well and are getting comfortable with life on campus.

As you are new to Sunway, the International Office would like to conduct an IO Welcome Reception to assist you in integrating into the campus and give you the opportunity for the university members to get connected with you.

This reception aims to connect you with other new international students and explore vital information related to being an international student in Malaysia. During the session, you will explore:


  • Guide for New International Student
  • Visa Procedure (Renewal/Cancellation)
  • Insurance procedure (Hospitalisation/clinic visit)
  • Introduction to SISA
  • Ice-breaking with other new internationall students

Come join us, meet the International Office staff, and get to know Sunway Council and Sunway International Student Ambassadors (SISA).

Opening of Bank Account

  • Once your student pass is endorsed in your passport, you will be able to open a Malaysian bank account which will take up to 8 weeks. Therefore, it is advisable to have sufficient cash flow, funds or credit cards during the transition period for living expenses and school fees.
  • Supporting documents can be provided upon request by the International Office (IO)
  • Please notify your bank that you are travelling to Malaysia to obtain bank advice on international banking facilities (if travelling with a local credit/debit card)


It is compulsory for international students to attend:

Course/Programme orientation on intake day (refer to offer letter for date)

International students welcome reception hosted by IO (date will be revised once reported to IO)

Please click here for the Sunway University Programme orientation


International Office Hotline

Studying abroad is not always easy, especially as an international student, from culture shock to homesickness. We understand how you may feel anxious and overwhelmed when adapting to a new environment and leaving home after a long time. If you need someone to talk to and get advice on anything at all, we are here for you.

Emergency Support

The welfare hotline is a 24/7 support. For emergencies occurring while university offices are closed, you can contact our welfare hotline at +6019-336 2242. Our team will assist you or redirect you to the respective department. Please note that this hotline is designed for emergency services such as accident or hospitalisation matters.

For non-emergency matters such as visa, passport status and class timetables, please contact Sunway's general number at  +603-7491 8622.


Report and Support

We hope that you feel at home and enjoy your student life as much as possible at Sunway. Nevertheless, the university environment sometimes can be challenging and overwhelming at times. Here is the platform for you to report any distressing situations.


Student Grievance Form

Fill out this form and send it to the welfare team at @email. Please note that this does not mean a student complaint or conduct is automatically instigated; a welfare team member will reach out to you and further discuss the issue with you.


Student Counselling Service

  • Our Student Counselling Service is confidential, offering a range of support options to help you work through mental health concerns, personal issues, and difficult circumstances. To request a counselling appointment, you need to fill in the e-Form through iZone and follow the following steps:
    • Log in to iZone
    • Click on Services-> eForms-> Counselling eForm
    • Fill in the eForm with your particulars -> Submit
  • Your assigned Counsellor will contact you within 24 working hours via imail for appointment setting.
  • If it is an urgent situation, please contact +6018-389 3220 (Mental Health Crisis Hotline)


Important Contacts

You may contact these numbers and emails if facing any further difficulties regarding post-arrival

International Office
Office hours: 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., Monday to Friday

IO 24-Hour Emergency Hotline
After office hours/ weekends/ public holidays: +60-19-3362242

International Office - Recruitment
Email: @email

International Office - Admissions
Email: @email

International Office - Visa
Email: @email

International Office - Welfare
Email: @email

International Office University Placement Team
Email: [email protected]



Medical Insurance


Based on the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) requirement, it is compulsory for every international student to have a valid medical and health insurance policy throughout their study duration in Malaysia. The medical insurance coverage is also required for the visa endorsement as well as a condition of the student pass.


Medical insurance coverage helps to defray medical costs and gives you peace of mind so that you can concentrate on your studies. The student shall be insured from the date entering Malaysia by notifying us of your arrival date. Please note that you must contact the International Office at least TWO months before the expiry date of your insurance for renewal (even if you are about to complete/ transfer/ withdraw your studies). Please make sure to collect your insurance card from the International Office after 8 weeks from your arrival.

The welfare team will assist you with the health insurance claims processing. We would require the following documents based on the amount of the claim you are making:

Outpatient claims below RM500:

  1. Personal Accident and Health Claim Form
  2. Photocopy of the passport info page
  3. Original receipt
  4. Bank statement
  5. E-payment form (will be provided by the International Office)


Outpatient Claims amounting RM500 and above: 

  1. Personal Accident and Health Claim Form
  2. Photocopy of the passport info page
  3. Original receipt
  4. Bank statement
  5. E-payment form (will be provided by the International Office)
  6. H&S or PA form - (Whichever is applicable, to be completed by the attending doctor)

Note: H&S - Hospitalization and Surgery for all non-accident related treatment / PA - Personal Accident Claim form for treatment due to injuries sustained from accidents

Once you have downloaded and completed the relevant claim forms, please submit the claim to the International Office together with the required documents for assessment.

Kindly note that the medical insurance claim process will take approximately six (6) to eight (8) weeks, and it is important for you to understand the insurance coverage. Feel free to obtain a copy of coverage from the International Office.

There may be additional questions regarding health insurance coverage. Please contact us or may refer to the FAQs.


AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad
Menara Worldwide,
198 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

24- hour emergency service telephone:+603-2772 5600