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Welcome from International Office Sunway Education Group


The International Office (IO) would like to welcome you to our international and Sunway community.  The Sunway Education Group was established in 1987 and has been providing quality education to Malaysians and international students. With a population of over 2,000 international students from over 80 countries on campus, we offer students diverse interaction, enhance cultural and learning experience.

The International Office (IO) provides an ‘All-in-One’ service including Admission, Welfare, Visa and University Placement.  We will also advise students on immigration-related matters and guide you on the journey to being a student at one of our Sunway Education Group institutions.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Sunway community and hope you will have the best experience with us.


Living in Sunway, Malaysia


Multi-Cultural Country

Malaysia is comprised of a multi-ethnic mix of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Eurasians and numerous indigenous tribes. This is a result of a rich history beginning from the origins of the Malacca Sultanate in the 1400’s and subsequent colonial rule by the Portuguese, Dutch and British up to 1957, the year of independence. Malaysia is a member of the United Nations (UN), Commonwealth, the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) to name a few. Malaysia is also an active founding member state of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Malaysia is a true melting pot of the different races and religions. You will find that people generally respect, appreciate and celebrate this cultural diversity. The same diversity can also be found at Sunway University. Get to know the different nuances of each community, as well as what has converged and come to be known as true Malaysian culture.



Malaysia enjoys a tropical climate which is either hot and dry or hot and wet. Temperatures normally range from 21ºC to 35ºC. Most days are hot, humid and sunny. Annual rainfall varies from 2,000mm to 2,500mm. Although humidity is high, classrooms, lecture halls, library and condominium hostel rooms are air-conditioned.



As a result of the multi-cultural makeup of Malaysia, many different languages and dialects are spoken. Bahasa Malaysia (the Malay language) is the official language and English is widely used as the language of trade and commerce. Mandarin and various Chinese dialects (like Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka) and Indian dialects (like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalee, Punjabi) are also widely spoken within those of the same community. Having said that, all classes in Sunway are done in English and students are required to speak in English as well.



The official religion of Malaysia is Islam and its tenets can be seen in the language, culture, clothing, food and architecture. Islam is observed by around 60% of Malaysians. There are also numerous Buddhist and Hindu temples and Christian (both Catholic and Protestant) churches. Freedom of religion is constitutionally guaranteed for non-Muslims. In fact, the major religious and/or traditional festivals are gazette public holidays (like Aidil-Fitri and Aidil-Adha, Deepavali, Thaipusam, Wesak, Chinese Lunar New Year and Christmas). Sunway University has religious clubs and societies that hold meetings regularly. Look in the Clubs and Societies page of the Student LIFE section for more information. Mosques, temples and church fellowships are located very close the campus and provides vital socio-religious interaction for all students including international students.



Food is plentiful, cheap and a popular pastime for most Malaysians. Local cuisine reflects the contributions of its ethnic groups. Many dishes combine ingredients from the different communities. Even western food is infused with local flavours and cooking techniques.

The average Malaysian should be able to tell you where their favourite Laksa, Satay, Roti Canai or NasiLemak stall is. As these foods are probably alien to you, do try them out when you get to Malaysia. As diversity is the name of the game, variety is the spice of life with food from all over the world available within a stone's throw. Western fast food from major international franchise outlets are conveniently located in many places.

Sunway University's cafeteria and the many food courts, cafes and coffee shops located in the vicinity serve a large variety of food. All food served on-campus in the condominium hostel and college cafeteria is halal for Muslims. Food prices range from RM 5 - RM15 per meal, depending on what is ordered.



Sunway University is located in Bandar Sunway, a suburb of Petaling Jaya. It is easy to walk around Bandar Sunway but one may need to take a bus, taxi, Bus Rail Transit (BRT) or use the Light Rail Transit System (LRT) to areas such as Kuala Lumpur or other parts of Petaling Jaya. Subang Jaya is another suburb located nearby and many students go there to shop or eat. Public bus services and taxis are available.

Find out more about the Sunway township.


Living Expenses

Many international students reside in the on-campus hostel facilities. Rental in the hostels includes water, electricity and internet connections. Units are fully furnished. Refrigerators are provided, and the air-conditioned condominium units have washing machines for students’ use. Students bring their personal toiletries and bed linen, which are also sold in the hostel convenience shop.

Some students choose to live in off-campus apartments or rented houses. Rented accommodation in Malaysia generally ranges in price from RM 500 for a basic room to RM 3,000 for a fully furnished apartment. Rentals depend on the location and standard of facilities provided.

The average living (food and accommodation) cost per month for a student is around RM 2,000. Other costs depend on your lifestyle and habits where you may need to add (or minus) RM 100-200 per month as the case may be. An average estimate of costs is as follows:


Accommodation (Sunway hostels) – RM420 – RM2,300 per month

Food (3 basic meals) RM1,200 per month

Books & stationery RM 200 – 500 per course or semester

Entertainment allowances RM 100 – 200 per month