Story Sharing Buddyz - Donation Drive

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- Time: 01:00 pm - 02:00 pmSunway College Link BridgeSunway University Press

What could be more powerful than bringing people together through the power of literature? The STORY SHARING BUDDYZ Booth is an exciting concept brought to you by
Sunway University Press which encourages us to bring in books we no longer need and leave them at the booth for others to enjoy.

However, it’s not just the story you share at the STORY SHARING BUDDYZ Booth; it’s the connections and friendships you will make along the way.

Upon parting with the book, we kindly request your email address. This way, when the next person who discovers and delves into the pages of your book finds themselves captivated by your story, they will be inspired to reach out to you to say thank you,  perhaps even offering up their thoughts on why the story you kindly donated resonated so deeply with them. This gesture would mark the beginning of what we fondly call BBFF – Book Buddy Friends Forever!

So, for the upcoming Campus With A Conscience – Local Action for Global Goals 2023 event, don’t be a bookworm, be a Book Buddy!

To donate your books, check out these details:

Location: Booth No. 2, Sunway College Link Bridge
Date: 11 September – 15 September 2023
Time: 1 pm – 2 pm

See you there!


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