Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Sunway University Press welcomes submissions of book proposals that are within the core areas of our publishing focus. If you have an exciting idea for a book, we would love to hear it! We aim to produce high quality books and work with international distributors to reach a global audience including via the major digital platforms. We pride ourselves on giving excellent service to our authors at all stages of the book production process from the initial proposal evaluation and then through the various stages of editing, design, production and eventual marketing and promotion. 


How to submit:

  1. Download and complete the Proposal Submission Form.

    Download Here

  2. Together with the Proposal Submission Form, please include: 
    • Table of contents and/or chapter outline
    • One (1) sample chapter
    • A copy of your current CV or résumé in your submission (if you have co-authors, please attach a copy of their CV or résumé as well)
  3. When you are ready, submit the completed Proposal Submission Form with the required documents (preferably in a compressed/zipped file) to: @email


Please ensure that you keep a copy of your submission for your own reference.

For additional information to aid your submission, do check out our Style Guide and Publishing Ethics pages.

Please do not send us your entire/completed manuscript or work in your submission; we are unable to return any unsolicited manuscript or work. We will also not be held accountable for any lost or misdirected submissions.


What happens next:

The time taken to evaluate and consider each submission varies, depending on the nature of the proposal. All proposals received will first be reviewed by the team and relevant experts as appropriate and are then subject to the approval of our Editorial Board. For a smoother and speedier proposal evaluation process, we strongly encourage you to adhere to the aforementioned guidelines. If required, we may ask for additional supporting information.


Have more than one idea?

If you would like to propose more than one book idea, please complete separate Proposal Submission Forms for each proposal. You may, however, submit them together in one e-mail.


You may send us an e-mail if you have any other queries prior to or after submission.