Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair


Graeme Wilkinson

Professor Graeme Wilkinson

Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Professor and Adviser to the President Chair, Sunway University Press Editorial Board

Universities exist primarily to discover new knowledge and to disseminate knowledge and ideas to their students and the wider public. Some of the world’s greatest universities have established publishing houses to support the second of these two purposes to ensure that the very best knowledge and ideas are spread far and wide in support of the development of society. We in Sunway University have likewise established our own university press to bring important and useful knowledge from our staff and other significant authors to students and to the wider public.

Our range of titles is expanding rapidly with many new publishing projects in development. We do not aim to replicate the offerings of other university presses, but to offer titles that support learning, thinking about lifestyles, and informed debate on important contemporary topics in a unique Sunway way. Our titles range from college to advanced university level as well as those suitable for the general public. They are primarily non-fiction and cover a range of topics, some broad and some addressed to specific niche audiences. I hope you will find something of interest amongst our titles and keep looking out for our latest offerings.