Building a Research University

Building a Research University

A Guide to Establishing Research in New Universities

Building a Research University: A Guide to Establishing Research in New Universities provides a guide to university leaders who aim to manage the switch from being a teaching institution to one that is research-led. The book covers the importance of research in a modern university, and examines the right balance between teaching and research and the strategies to go through phases of growth and development.

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How does a university transition from a teaching-only institution to one actively engaged in research? What challenges will a university and its staff and students face during the shift? How can a university successfully overcome these challenges?

Drawing on the author’s own experience leading two different universities, this book seeks to shed some light on these questions and provide a valuable guide to universities that wish to grow their research portfolio. It also aims to help universities avoid common mistakes often committed in becoming a research university.

This book is suitable for university leaders, research leaders and the general public interested in the transition of higher education institutions from teaching-only to research-led.


  1. The Expansion of Universities and Research
  2. League Tables
  3. Building Academic Reputation
  4. Research and Impact
  5. Funding Research
  6. Balancing Teaching and Research
  7. Research Focus and Critical Mass
  8. Publish or Perish, and Academic Fraud
  9. Academic Staffing Strategies
  10. Research Management

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Peter J Heard gained his PhD on the study of molecular dynamics in organo-transition metal complexes from University of Exeter, UK. Following brief spells at Yale University, USA, and Swansea University, UK, he worked for 12 years at Birkbeck University of London as a lecturer in chemistry. In 2007, he moved to Glyndwr University where he rose rapidly to become Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research. In 2013, he moved to Sunway University to take up the position of First Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research, and subsequently, Provost. As Provost, Professor Heard has overall responsibility for the academic portfolio of the university.

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Peter J Heard
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Sunway University Press
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