Disarming the Silent Killer

Diabetes: Disarming the Silent Killer gathers a prominent group of global researchers who share expert knowledge and views on diabetes. Readers will gain insights into groundbreaking therapies and approaches to preventing and managing diabetes complications. The book, a result of the 3rd Cambridge- Oxford-Sunway Biomedical Symposium, further shares the most recent advances in diabetes research from a Malaysian perspective.

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Much research has contributed to a good understanding of diabetes, but a lot remains unknown. In this book, readers will learn about the current knowledge base and new areas of interest in the management of diabetes.

This book contains two main sections. In the first, Expert Discourse, leading international professionals in the field share their views on and insights into diabetes and how its prevalence and complications can be reduced. Some contributors include Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly and Professor Fiona Gribble from University of Cambridge, and Professor John Todd from University of Oxford. The second section, Extended Abstracts, shares some of the work done by researchers in the field of diabetes.

This book is suitable for educators, researchers, medical consultants, public health professionals, and the interested general public.




About the Editors

Expert Discourse
Human Obesity and Insulin Resistance: Lessons from Human Genetics
Stephen O’Rahilly

What We Can Do to Prevent Diabetes and Its Complications
Khalid Abdul Kadir

Prevention of Type 1 Diabetes
John Todd

Epidemic and Epigenetic Drivers of Diabetes, Obesity and the “Circadian Syndrome”
Paul Zimmet

Control of Metabolism by the Gut-Brain-Pancreatic Axis
Fiona Gribble

Exogenous Ketones for Type 2 Diabetes
Kieran Clarke

New Approaches to Diabetic Complications
Mark Cooper

Type 2 Diabetes: The Search for Sustainable Solutions
Nick Wareham

Extended Abstracts
Cost-Effective Analysis for the Early Initiation of Insulin in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Malaysia Using a Discrete Event Simulation Model
Wilson MH, Lee KC, Wu BC & Luh H

Prevalence, Diagnostic Criteria, Complications and Potential Biomarkers of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in the Philippines
Pineda-Cortel M, Santiago L, Mamerto T, Anastacio A & Tiongco R

Interleukin-2 and Interleukin-6 Play Major Roles in the Global Rheumatoid Arthritis/Type 2 Diabetes Comorbidity Network
Liew TO, Rohit M & Chandrajit L

Awareness, Knowledge and Prevention of Heart Attacks Among University Staff
Martin EC, Ng LF, Jemeela S & Mohammed AJ

Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor Methylation is Inversely Associated with HbA1c in Non-Diabetic Young Adults
Wan Omar WF, Ab Talib N, Mohd Shah AN, Mohd Shah AS & Abdullah A

Fabrication of Oral Nano-Insulin Formulation for Regulating Blood Glucose Level
Zaman R, Othman I, Zain AZ & Chowdhury EH

Early Screening of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Using PeDiCare
Vikneswaran V, Chong YF & Khaled MH

Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus Among Urban Population Based on Income
Liyanage KL, Neelawala NG & Kumbukgolla WW

Awareness and Risk Perception of University Students Towards Diabetes Mellitus
Manoj AM & Ng WN



Chia Yook Chin is a leading medical researcher in Malaysia. She holds many positions including International Adviser for Malaysia at the Royal College of Physicians of London, UK.

Ooi Pei Boon is Director of Special Projects at Sunway University and a counsellor with Malaysia Board of Counsellor.

Hwang Jung Shan is an active researcher and Associate Professor at Sunway University.

Teow Sin Yeang is Senior Lecturer at Sunway University and the recipient of the MAKNA Cancer Research Award.

Badariah Ahmad is Senior Lecturer at Monash University and a physician at Tanglin Clinic, Kuala Lumpur.

Peh Suat Cheng is a renowned pathologist in Malaysia and a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists in Australia and the UK.

Basic Information

Chia Yook Chin, Ooi Pei Boon, Hwang Jung Shan, Teow Sin Yeang, Badariah Ahmad, Peh Suat Cheng
  • 978-967-5492-19-8 (Hardback)
  • 978-967-5492-43-3 (E-book)
Publication Year:
Sunway University Press
6 x 9 inches