Critical Lessons for Teachers by Teachers

English: Critical Lessons for Teachers by Teachers is an educational and inspiring must-read for any English language teacher looking to inculcate inclusivity in diverse classrooms.

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This book contains suggestions for improving English language coursebooks, a new way of teaching English grammar, lessons from multicultural classrooms, a study on multimodality lessons, positive psychology and language teaching, reflections of a Nyonya author and a story of teachers from the perspective of a dyslexic student. This book was specially written in honour of English language academic Professor Dr Stephen J Hall.

This book is suitable for English language educators and the interested general public.


1. Introduction: Threading Lessons
    Nicholas Lee BK & Jey L Burkhardt

2. What Kind of Learning Do We Want?
    Alan Maley

3. Learning About Language Norms from Students
    Suresh Canagarajah

4. What Is Missing From Coursebooks (And What to Do About It)
    Paul Nation

5. How Can Malaysian Students Make Sense of the English Tense System?
    Jürgen M Burkhardt

6. Using a Multimodal Text in Malaysian English Language Classrooms: Exploring Lesson Designs
    Tamas Kiss & Hazelynn Rimbar

7. A Celebration of Hope
    George M Jacobs, Chau Meng Huat, Nurul Huda Hamzah & Zhu Chenghao

8. Take the Slow Train to Help Your Students Learn
    Radhika Jaidev

9. Wired, Differently
    Jayakaran Mukundan

10. Reflections of a Nyonya Writer
     Lee Su Kim

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Nicholas Lee BK has held various portfolios in different educational settings in Malaysia both at early childhood and tertiary levels. He is an educator and a proponent of active, blended and technology-enhanced learning.

Jey L Burkhardt has over two decades of teaching experience at tertiary level and is a former lecturer at the Centre for English Language Studies, Sunway University, Malaysia. She works with heritage languages of Borneo in various language development projects in mothertongue literacy, linguistics, and orthography development. Her research interests are in Borneo studies, cultural metaphors, language documentation and description, and self-regulated learning in higher education.

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Nicholas Lee BK, Jey L Burkhardt
Nicholas Lee BK, Jey L Burkhardt, Alan Maley, Suresh Canagarajah, Paul Nation, Jürgen M Burkhardt, Tamas Kiss, Hazelynn Rimbar, George M Jacobs, Chau Meng Huat, Nurul Huda Hamzah, Zhu Chenghao, Radhika Jaidev, Jayakaran Mukundan, Lee Su Kim
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Sunway University Press
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