The Science of Feelings

The Science of Feelings

What Psychological Research Tells Us About Our Emotions

The Science of Feelings: What Psychological Research Tells Us About Our Emotions is a guide to understanding why and how we feel as human beings. This book explores the different emotions we experience, the way they shape and influence our lives, and how essential they have always been to us.

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What are emotions and why do we experience them? In the last 50 years or so, psychological science has shed light on the essence of what makes us human—why we experience a range of feelings from joy to sadness, anger to fear, and compassion to contempt. Yet, the science of emotion remains mostly inaccessible to the curious reader and those outside academic circles.

This book is a story of our emotions; a story of why and how we feel as human beings. It is a tale of our emotions, told by philosophers, biologists, neuroscientists, sociologists, and economists. Drawing on the rich psychological research on emotions, this book invites you to revisit your emotions and to better appreciate and understand how feeling states define us and our humanity.



  1. Experiencing Emotions Again for the First Time
  2. Between the Universal and the Unique
  3. Emotions Lexicon Part I: Anger to Melancholy
  4. Emotions Lexicon Part II: Nostalgia to Zeal
  5. Personality and Emotion
  6. Necessarily Irrational
  7. Emotions in Interpersonal Relationships
  8. Feeling With, and Acting as One
  9. The Happiness of Nations
  10. The Future of Emotion


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Eugene Tee, PhD, is Associate Professor and Research Coordinator at the Department of Psychology, HELP University, Malaysia. He lectures, researches, publishes, and conducts training on the psychology of emotions. He founded Emotivity ( and is a regular speaker on BFM89.9, Malaysia’s only independent radio station. He is also the author of Mindfulness and Emotions: Understanding Your Mind and the Benefits of Being Present and Of Bromances and Biting Cute Babies: Questions About Emotions You (Probably) Never Thought of Asking.

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