A “Giant” Among the Best

Sunway University Press

In a remarkable achievement, Sunway University Press’ Giant Caves of Gunung Mulu and Buda, Sarawak has been selected among the 50 Best Malaysian Titles for International Rights 2022/2023 by the Ministry of Education’s National Book Council of Malaysia (MBKM). 

The book, through striking images from seasoned cave photographers, chronicles over 40 years of daring cave explorations at the Gunung Mulu National Park and Gunung Buda. The history and geology of the sites, as well as the rich biodiversity that thrives within, invite readers to marvel at Sarawak’s natural heritage and appreciate the crucial need for its preservation.


We express our heartfelt gratitude to MBKM and the Ministry of Education for giving us the opportunity to showcase Giant Caves to a global audience and promote the beauty and significance of Malaysia’s natural wonders.