Mathematical Differentiation Made Easy

Mathematical Differentiation Made Easy

“All About Derivatives—Mathematical Differentiation for College Students”, co-authored by Sunway College’s pre-university lecturer Abdul Latiff Md Ahood and Mathematical expert Mohd Amirul Mahamud, is a practical guide to help college students master the concept of mathematical differentiation.

Abdul Latiff said the idea of writing this book began five years ago when he received a job offer from Tan Sri Professor Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, former vice-chancellor of Al-Bukhary International University in Alor Star, an institution dedicated for the underprivileged and marginalised students.

“I discovered that many were poor in algebra. That prompted me to start thinking about ways to improve the learning of algebra and how simplification skills can help these students.”

The book is a compact and practical guide to mastering the concept of differentiating all kinds of functions—from polynomials to exponential and logarithmic functions—through comprehensive worked examples, problem sets and straightforward explanations.

It is suitable for students taking Foundation or Matriculation Mathematics at local colleges and universities.


Source: New Straits Times