WHATSUP with Psychology - it’s a wrap!

WHATSUP with Psychology - it’s a wrap!

This was part of Psychology Month 2022, an annual campaign to raise awareness of the role psychology plays in various aspects of our lives. It was also further driven by our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly to promoting good health and wellbeing as well as access to quality education.

We kicked off with The Science of Feelings on 10 February, which covered the hows and the whys of emotions, along with the role and impact it has on our humanity.

The second forum, Mending Hearts on 23 February was an open discussion on the ways we form and experience relationships, along with how it impacts and influences the human condition.

The highlight of the event—officiated by Professor Elizabeth Lee, CEO of Sunway Education Group—was the launch of the book Mending Hearts: Healing from Separation and Loss, a Collection of True Stories, an edited collection of true stories and photos from contributors of many ages and backgrounds, compiled and displayed at Sunway University’s hit Breakup Exhibitions. This book is the culmination of the work of over a hundred Sunway University Psychology students, and we are proud to have to been able to showcase their endeavours.

We concluded on 3 March with Lifespan Psychology, an exploration of the psychology and interactions of humans from birth through childhood, adulthood, and the golden years. For the finale, we launched Growing Up Human, a book that sheds light on the psychology of humans through different life stages, based on Erik Erikson’s theory on psychosocial development and offering insight into the challenges each step brings along with overcoming them.

We hope you found these sessions engaging, and that you have a better understanding of the role psychology plays in your lives.

We look forward to seeing everyone again in our future events!

(Clockwise from top-left: Dr Debbie Joffe Ellis, Dr Lin Mei Hua, Prof Alvin Ng, Dr Eugene Tee)

(Clockwise from top-left: Azah Yazmin, Dr Catherine Butler, Lim Mengzhen, Prof Elizabeth Lee, Prof Alvin Ng, Dr Grace Yap)

(Clockwise from top-left: Nicholas Hoe, Sybella Ng, Siew Ju Li, Prof Alvin Ng, Carol Wong, Prof Cecilia Essau, Dr Woo Pei Jun, Prof Graeme Wilkinson)

The Science of Feelings, Mending Hearts, and Growing Up Human are available online at press.sunway.edu.my and in major bookstores such as Kinokuniya, MPH, and Gerakbudaya.