The Last Straw Campaign 2019

The Last Straw Campaign 2019

The pilot initiative introduces the refilling stations on campus to eliminate the use or purchase of plastic water bottles on campus. an initiative that eliminates single-use plastic on campus and encourages a no single-use plastic lifestyle.

In April 2019, this is two additional sets of water dispensers have been installed on campus grounds at the following locations with a third proposed at the field:


  • Jeffrey Cheah Hall
  • University Building

Last Straw Campaign Water Dispensers at Level 1, University Building

With each member of the community playing a role in reducing the use of plastics and adopting more effective re-cycling, the Sunway Education Group Smart Sustainable Campus Committee hopes to assist the world in achieving its target of preventing and significantly reducing marine pollution by year 2025 whilst championing sustainability for future generations.

1st March 2019 marked the further reduction of single-use plastic on campus when the Sunway Education Group Management decided no straws will be given out on campus.

The campus has further encouraged reuse of materials rather than single use by conducting a metal straw giveaway. Students were seen lining up across the university foyer during the collection period, 12 – 14th November 2019, to redeem their metal straws.

Students during the Last Straw Campaign Metal Straw Giveaway