Immersive Virtual Reality



The first Large Scale Full Immersive Virtual Reality Experience Targeting Cultural Heritage of Malaysia

Since Full Immersive Virtual Reality technologies have become available to the public (starting from 2016), more and more effort is being made every day in order to extend the boundaries into new fields. This has been empowered by the demand from different sectors - from the Creative Industries and Arts, to Social Services and Education. Currently, a practical and large scale Full Immersive Virtual Reality Experience representing Malaysian Heritage is not available to public and probably does not exist at all.



Therefore, this project explores the possibilities of introducing an instructional/visual experiential museum through the Cultural Heritage (Malaysian) projects being conducted in the Centre for Research- Creation in Digital Media. This also establishes bridges between School of Arts and other Departments in other Universities including History, Archeology, Cultural Studies, Anthropology, etc. like our current Collaboration with UNESCO through the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia for the Peranakan Heritage Digitization Project.