APEL.A Ambassador Spotlight: Amalen’s Aspirations

Amalen and Dean of School of Education
Amalen (left) and School of Education Dean Assoc. Prof. Dr Malissa Mahmud on his first visit to the APEL Unit since earning his APEL.A certificate 

With our fully remote APEL.A Assessment Programme, it’s always a pleasure to finally meet our candidates in person! We were delighted to have our APEL.A Ambassador, Amalen Sathananthar, a rising climate justice activist and branding professional, visit us one Friday afternoon for an insightful catch-up at the Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) department.

Amalen, who has been working full-time after his Diploma, believes the plethora of experience and insights has significantly enriched his professional outlook. However, to many like him whose formal learning history doesn’t conform to the typical “ladder”, their unique qualities often remain unrecognised in favour of more conventional profiles. Determined to boost his credibility and elevate his career, Amalen seized the opportunity to earn his APEL.A certificate and get a foot in the door to a master’s level education.

Tune in to our interview with Amalen as he shares his experience of undergoing the APEL.A assessments with PACE's APEL Unit, as well as his perspective on lifelong learning. With the perseverance, patience, and hard work he has demonstrated thus far, we’re simply in awe of his attitude and wish him great success in his upcoming Master in Sustainable Development Management studies!