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In today's ever-evolving career landscape, tertiary education stands as a pivotal milestone for students, going far beyond the acquisition of academic qualifications. To truly thrive in this dynamic and multifaceted environment, students must also possess a robust foundation of essential soft skills and knowledge. Recognising this, Sunway University, has established its Career Readiness Programme (CRP) to fulfill this vital role.

CRP is a comprehensive and meticulously designed initiative that steers students from the pre-university stage to their graduate years. It encompasses an array of workshops, informative talks, engaging focus groups, and a wide spectrum of activities, all thoughtfully tailored to cater to the specific needs of the students. This holistic approach empowers students with a solid foundation for building their careers.

What sets CRP apart is its strong collaboration with employers. The programme works closely with industry partners to bridge the gap between graduates and their prospective employers. An integral aspect of CRP is the cultivation of 'Human-to-Human' lifestyle skills, which equips students with the ability to make compelling first impressions and navigate the intricate world of the professions.

Moreover, CRP extends beyond campus, collaborating with industry leaders for events like Assessment Centres, offering vital insights into employer assessments. It also includes company visits and career fairs, fostering valuable student networking. 

In essence, Sunway University's CRP equips graduates for impactful, confident entry into the workforce, ready to make a positive global impact.



The 3 Pillars of Career Readiness Programme 

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Pillar #1: Exploration- Nurturing Ambition

The first pillar of our Career Readiness Program is Exploration, aimed at helping students discover their passions, strengths, and potential career paths. Self-awareness is crucial for a successful career journey. Through workshops, discovery series, and personal growth sessions, students reflect on their interests, values, and aptitudes, guiding academic and career decisions, particularly for Year 1 students. 

The exploration journey extends beyond self-assessment, providing exposure to diverse industries and professions through networking events, industry visits, workshops, and guest lectures in collaboration with each school. This process equips students with insights into career options and the necessary skills for success. By completing the Exploration phase, students have a clearer career vision.


Pillar #2: Experience - Building Practical Skills

The Experience phase aims to bridge theory and practice, essential for workforce readiness. It equips students with practical skills and confidence for internships and initial job experiences. Activities like Internship Workshops, Resume, and Interview Preparation sessions enhance resumes and apply classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios. Collaboration with industry partners offers firsthand insights, while mentorship sessions provide guidance and feedback from professionals, enhancing students' professional growth.


Pillar #3: Employment - Bridging the Gap to the Workforces

The culmination of our Career Readiness Program is the Employment phase. Here, we equip students with the essential resources for landing their desired job or pursuing further education. We provide a range of events, such as Pre-Employment Workshops, Industry Focus Groups, the Career Building Series, Graduate Recruitment Talks, and the flagship Get Hired Career Fair. In addition, students have access to a dedicated Career Portal that offers job listings from employers, school-based recruitment fairs, and alumni networks to facilitate their job search and placement.

Our successful alumni...

  • Sandra Khoo

    The CRP has really helped me in two areas once I stepped into the working world. Firstly, it’s the soft skills and professional development that employers value, which really gave me a competitive edge as a fresh graduate. Secondly, it's the networking and connections that I've made with the speakers and facilitators. I will always be grateful to the team for putting so much effort into shaping students' employability.

    Sandra Khoo Hui Yong

    Bachelor of Sciences (Hons) Psychology 2019 and currently an employee at Star Media Group Berhad
  • Shaun

    The CRP has enabled me to gain a forefront advantage in attaining essential industrial insights and enhancing my networking with experienced individuals from the corporate world – significant elements in supplementing my personal and career development. I am beyond grateful for all the exceptional events organised for us.

    Shaun Lee Jia Xuan

    Bachelor of Sciences (Hons) Accounting and Finance, 2021 and currently an employee at KPMG Malaysia