Campus with a Conscience - Local Action for Global Goals 2022

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Campus with a Conscience - Local Action for Global Goals 2022

Event Details
In support of the United Nations Global Campaign of Local Action for Global Goals 2022, Sunway University will be activating a week-long festival of events and activations which will all relate to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, in conjunction with the worldwide 7th Anniversary of the SDGs launch in New York on 25th September.

From Monday 19th September through to Friday 23rd September, our campus will host numerous activities including the following:

On-stage Practical Demonstrations
• A variety of On Stage Speakers
• Corporate Displays featuring Global Brands and their Own Efforts on Sustainability ( these include Volvo with an electrical car. Uniqlo, Bodyshop and Huawei )
• A Sustainable Marketplace ( This will be located at the Boulevard area featuring many NGO”s raising funds & or awareness for their cause )
• Pre-Loved Swap Shop Stalls , where people can leave unwanted Clothes, Shoes & Electrical appliances . Equally they can simply be taken free of charge by others who are in need of the items.
• From Waste to Taste Cooking Lessons
• Collection Drives for Worthy Causes
• I Labs ( SDG related ) Start Up Stalls
• Adaptive Fashion Show
• Clubs & Societies Booths
• Daily Interactive Health & Well-being Events
• Daily On-stage Performances
• Sunway University Tower Run featuring the world champion
• SDG “Treasure Our Planet Trail” for all to take part , including visiting schools coming each

‣ Monday, 19 September 2022 - Friday, 23 September 2022
‣ Sunway University
‣ For more details, email: @email

The week-long celebration of Local Action for Global Goals 2022 will commence at 11am every morning with a 17 SDG Flag Parade before each day’s activities are announced on stage to the 20,000-student community as well as children from local schools, senior citizens and the wider public.

The event is an open invitation to everyone to learn more about the 17 SDGs, find out how they can take proactive steps to contribute towards the goals and help share the messages far & wide.

The Campus With A Conscience Local Action for Global Goals 2022 at Sunway University is sure to create a significant amount of publicity and we would like to invite you to please do encourage your staff and students to take part in the events , visit the booths and be part in this unique occasion.

The opportunities are endless and we would value your support.

Next week we should be able to forward a Daily Breakdown of Activities for your further ease of reference .

So Local Action for Global Goals 2022, are you in?