Documentary as a Form of Untold Stories or Stories That Needed to be Told

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What is the importance of documentary filmmaking as a form? How can one use this form to tell untold stories? How does one shape this form to unfold stories by crafting a narrative with fact-findings, putting across a possible alternative, and bringing awareness to a larger audience? A filmmaker can fight for a cause by producing a documentary film that has the potential for a mass audience. A documentary film is to document reality by unravelling humanistic stories that put across information and inspiration. It may or may not change the current landscape, but it can document a part of history through a collection of narratives by the people.

Ruby Yang is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. Her acclaimed documentary, The Blood of Yingzhou District (2007), won an Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject. Her feature documentary My Voice, My Life (2014) was named one of “Hong Kong’s five most notable films of 2014” by the Wall Street Journal. She continues nurturing the next generation of documentary filmmakers as she heads the Hong Kong Documentary Initiative at HKU. Yang is a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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