MyWASSH Public Forum: Salt & Hypertension

  This event has passed.
MyWASSH Public Forum: Salt & Hypertension

The Public Forum is part of the MyWASSH Public Health Education event held in conjunction with Sunway University Campus with a Conscience Festival Week to celebrate the 17th Anniversary of the United Nations Local Action for Global goals.

The objective of the event is to reach out to the public and create awareness of the importance of salt intake in relation to hypertension which is one of the main contributors to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events worldwide. It is also in line with the sustainability development goals of the United Nations (SDG3: Good Health and Well Being).

There will also be a blood pressure screening booth throughout the week long event in the Sunway University foyer from 11am-4pm daily.

The speakers will be speaking on Hypertension, what is it and what the public needs to know about it as well as the consequences of uncontrolled hypertension. It will also cover the correlation between salt intake and the prevalence of hypertension as well as what are the possible ways to address the issue of excessive salt intake in our daily intake.