Net Zero Cities Webinar

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Microsoft TeamsSunway University & Lancaster University

You are invited to an engaging webinar aimed at sparking new research partnerships between academics at the Sunway University and the Lancaster University around the timely theme of "Net Zero Cities."

This is the first webinar in our series of Cities of the Future, part of the Future Cities Research Institute.

Net zero cities strive to eliminate carbon emissions and mitigate climate impact through urban planning, infrastructure, technology, policy, and behavioural change. Research in this area can span everything from green building materials, renewable energy systems, and integrated mobility networks to air quality, environmental justice, and community engagement.

This online 1-hour event organised by the Future Cities Research Institute (FCRI) is the first webinar in our series of Cities of the Future.

It will provide the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow researchers across disciplines and institutions who share your interest in sustainability.

Look forward to:

  • Learning about latest funding opportunities for international net zero research collaborations from FCRI representatives
  • Getting inspired by two insightful lightning talks from leading academics offering cross-disciplinary perspectives on net zero cities
  • Breakout group discussions to exchange research interests, explore potential synergies, and ideate new project ideas
  • Making valuable connections for future cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary research collaborations

By participating, you can expand your scholarly networks, gather fresh perspectives, and return to your research reenergized with new ideas for high-impact net zero research projects spanning multiple institutions.

Seize this chance to advance your research and join an inspired community of academic innovators working towards sustainable net zero cities.

We look forward to seeing you at this promising webinar!

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