7th World Islamic Economics & Finance Conference

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7th World Islamic Economics & Finance Conference
- Minhaj University Lahore, PakistanSunway Business School

About Minhaj University Lahore

Minhaj University Lahore was founded in 1986 by Shaykh-ul-Islam Prof. Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, patron-in-chief of Minhaj ul Quran International. It is located in a significant place which is easily approachable from all the main areas of the city. 

The Degree awarding status was granted by Govt. of the Punjab vide Act No: XII of 2005. The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has also recognized Minhaj University Lahore, as 'W3' category.

As a well reputed institute of higher education and innovative research, known at local, national and international level; MUL delivers higher education in various disciplines along with providing a strong support to shape the students personality traits, such as; intellectual curiosity, willingness to take chances, entrepreneurial spirit, and professional growth and career.

MUL has consistently been dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge for human development and fostering an environment that empowers individuals to fulfill their divine responsibilities while excelling in their respective roles.

Conference Introduction

Islamic economics and finance have gained significant traction in recent years, but questions remain about their real-world impact on addressing poverty, inequality, and global challenges like climate change and economic inequality. To address these pressing issues, Minhaj University Lahore is organizing the 7th World Islamic Economics & Finance. This conference offers a unique platform for scholars, practitioners, and businesses to explore the role of Islamic finance in creating meaningful societal change and addressing global challenges.

Conference Theme

"From Practice to Impact: Aligning Islamic Economics and Finance in Light of Global Developments and Challenges"

Conference Sub-Themes

  • Socio-Economic Impact and Role of the Islamic Finance Industry
  • Future of the Islamic Financial Industry Post the Riba Judgment
  • Role of Islamic Finance for Entrepreneurship and MSMEs
  • Prospects and Challenges in Light of Global and Geo-political Settings
  • CBDCs and Islamic Finance
  • Generative AI, Bots, and Islamic Finance
  • Challenges and Solutions for the Halal Industry
  • Shariah Governance, Audit, and Ethics in Islamic Finance
  • Developments of Islamic Fintech and Its Future
  • Islamic Capital Market: Resilience and Growth

Please submit your abstracts to @email on or before 30th November 2023.

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