Charting Paths for Women's Research in Malaysia

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Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pmHall 1, Graduate Centre, Sunway UniversitySchool of Medical and Life Sciences

The Department of Psychology would like to invite you to our event for researchers and advocates of women's issues:

Title: Charting Paths for Women's Research in Malaysia
Date: 25th March 2024 (Monday)
Time: 10.00am to 12.00pm
Venue: Hall 1, Graduate Center, Sunway University
Charge: Free (breakfast provided)

The aim of this event is to identify and prioritize crucial research areas concerning women's issues in Malaysia. Through collaborative efforts involving scientific, business, and legal communities, we hope to formulate industry-led research questions tailored to address Malaysian challenges in gender equality.

During this event, we will hear from seasoned activists such as Tehmina Kaoosji and Joanne Melissa Wong. Then there will be a summary and discussion session to draw out key research questions. The hope is that such research can equip stakeholders with concrete data on women's issues, facilitating informed conversations between advocates and policymakers.

We believe that meaningful dialogue and collaboration among students from various educational institutions play a vital role in driving positive change in our society. Your participation and insights would greatly contribute to the success of this event.

Please RSVP by 20th March 2024 to confirm your attendance. This can be done via the QR code or by clicking the link below.

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Further inquiries can be forwarded to Reina Rashide.


We look forward to welcoming you at Charting Paths for Women's Research in Malaysia. 


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