Higher Education in Transition

by Professor James L. Morrison Professor Emeritus of Education, University of North Carolina

Some Very Special Anniversaries

by Sir Christian Bonington Chancellor, Lancaster University

Social Media in the Classroom: What are the Potentials and Pitfalls of Graduating Skilled Knowledge Workers?

by Dr. Michael Netzley Singapore Management University

Opportunities & Prospects for Acturial Science Graduates

by Professor Jean Lemaire Harry J. Loman Professor of Insurance & Acturial Science, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Helicobacter Before and After the Noble Prize

by Nobel Laureate Professor Barry J. Marshall University of Western Australia

Exploring Touch in Virtual Worlds

by Professor Alan Marshall Queen's University Belfast, UK

Managing Innovation in an Uncertain World

by Professor Alan MacCormack MIT Cloan School of Management

Business to Business Marketing: Issues and Challenges

by Professor Das Narayandas James J. Hill Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

A Case-Study of Samsung Electronics

by Dr. Anthony Marsella Director of Marketing & External Linkages, Lancaster University (former CMO for Samsung Electronics UK)

Singapore Airlines - The Early Years

by Dr Cheong Choong Kong Chairman, OCBC Singapore

The Global Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Emerging Asia

by Professor Lim Chin NUS Business School, National University of Singapore