Computer Simulation Of Materials In Extreme Environments

Modern experimental techniques are allowing for the synthesis and characterisation   of   ever   more   elaborate   structures under an enormous range of conditions such as high temperature, pressure, rapid cooling, surface deposited and confinement…

Cognitive Neuroscience: Over-Hyped or the Real Deal?

In this 21st century, there has been a dramatic increase in research on cognitive neuroscience. Most early research was based on oversimplified ideas and lacked any theoretical content.

The Construction and Rectification of Contracts

by Prof. Michael Philip Furmston Professor, Department of Law Sunway University Business School

Bridging The Great Divide: How Social Mobility Can Be A Reality

by Rt. Hon. Alan Milburn Chancellor Lancaster University, UK

Whistleblowing:An Australian Perspective

by Professor Melissa de Zwart Professor of Law, University of Adelaide, Australia

Winning in the New Economy

by Professor Dave O. Ulrich Rensis Likert Collegiate Professor, Business Administration and Director, Human Resource Executive Program Partner, RBL Group

The Age of Sustainable Development

by Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs Columbia University

Global Economic Prospects: What Should Keep Us Up at Night?

by Professor Barry Eichengreen University of California

Pain and the Brain

by Professor Nick Rawlins University of Oxford

The Uses and Abuses of History: A British Historian's View of Southeast Asia

by Professor Emeritus Peter Carey YAD Visiting Professor, Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia Fellow Emeritus, Trinity College, Oxford

When Good Medications Turn Deadly: How Certain Treatments Allow an Innocuous Virus to Trigger a Devastating Brain…

by Professor Dr. Igor J. Koralnik Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School Chief of the Division of Neuro-Immunology and Director of the HIV/Neurology Centre, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, Boston, Massachusetts Vice President,…

Getting Into The Top 100: What Will It Take To Get There First?

by Professor Tan Sri Dr Ghauth Jasmon Senior Fellow, Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia Research Professor, Sunway University Vice-Chancellor, University of Malaya (2007-2013) Vice-Chancellor, Multimedia University (1996-2007)