Engineering in Medicine, Conservation, Art & Fashion

by Dr. Alan R. Chambers School of Engineering Studies, University of Southampton

DNA and its importance to Forensic Science

by Dr. Dwight E. Adams Director, Forensic Science Institute, University of Central Oklahoma

Systems Thinking For Leaders

by Professor John Mackness Director, Collaborative Programmes, Lancaster University Management School, Lancaster University

Good, Better, Best - The Dilemma of Ranking Systems and the Getting of Wisdom at Universities

by Professor Elizabeth Harman Vice Chancellor and President, Victoria University

How Infants Begin To Understand Language Tones

by Dr. Karen Mattock Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Lancaster University

Recent Advances in Organ Transplantation

by Sir Roy Calne Fellow of the Royal Society, Professor of Surgery, Cambridge University (1965-98)

Why Capitalism Does Not Appeal to People in Developing Countries

by Professor Rafael M. Di Tella Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

The Globalization of Education - A Judicial Perspective

by Hon. Justice Frank Vincent Chancellor, Victoria University

Election Setbacks to Malaysia's Ruling Coalition - 1969 & 2008 Compared

by Dr. Goh Cheng Teik Adjunct Professor, Sunway University College

Memories: How Sweet is Sweet Enough?

by Dr. Sandra Sünram-Lea Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Lancaster University

How to Lead and Manage in Challenging Time

by Professor D. Quinn Mills Alfred J. Weatherhead Jr. Professor Of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

From Nations to Cities: How the Rules of Economic Competition Are Changing

by Professor Wee Chow Hou Professor and Head, Division of Strategic, Management & Organization, College of Business (Nanyang Business School), Nanyang Technological University