Art Beats Festival 2023: A Collaborative Event By Sunway University and Lancaster University

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School of Arts

The Art Beats Festival 2023, a collaborative event by Sunway University and Lancaster University, concluded on August 20, 2023. This innovative celebration of art, film, and culture received support from Lancaster University's Global Advancement Fund (GAF), uniting global academics and artists for diverse creative ventures.

Taking place both online and on-site (Aug 19-20) at Sunway University, the festival was curated by Prof. Mayco A. Santaella and Dr. Maryam. It showcased a plethora of art forms like film, photography, sound design, and theatre, highlighting the dynamic relationship between institutions and nations.

This festival also solidified 15 years of strong collaboration between Sunway University and Lancaster University, fostering ties between the Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts (LICA) and Sunway’s School of Arts.