SBS Collaborates With Le Cordon Bleu


Le Cordon Bleu recently held a Culinary Showcase event, presented by Chef Stephane Frelon, Technical Director at Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia (Sunway). The event aimed to enrich learning for Sunway Business School students and foster entrepreneurial spirit.

SBS would like to give a big thank you to Chef Stéphane and the Sunway Le Cordon Bleu team: Ms Ho Yuw Ming (Senior General Manager), Ms Doreen Heng CL (Senior Manager - Administration & Marketing), Ms Asma Amirah Ahmad (Assistant Manager - Academic), Mr Ken Tan Kien Hwa (Assistant Manager – Marketing & Recruitment), for their invaluable support and collaboration.

Dr Stella Ong Kim Yoke (Deputy Dean, Employability & Alumni) and Mr Walliyaddin Abdul Khalik (Manager, Digital Media & Communication) from SBS were also present to give their full support for this event.

This event was a good example of the strong collaborative spirit that both SBS and Le Cordon Bleu possess. By venturing beyond conventional business disciplines, students are able to gain a wider range of skills, equipping them for success in a dynamic and ever-evolving marketplace. This event pushes students to venture beyond by encouraging them to delve into the world of cooking, sparking innovative entrepreneurial ideas.

This creates a potential future where Sunway Business School graduates are able to come up with innovative restaurant concepts or groundbreaking sustainable food businesses. Therefore, this collaborative event is more than a learning exchange - it's about empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs and positively impacting their careers in the food industry.