The Centre’s collaborations are broad and varied, both locally and globally. They continue to evolve around our current and future projects. Each collaboration represents a personal connection and working relationship with researchers at leading Universities, Centres and Media Labs that add to the capability and outreach for CRCDM and the Sunway University School of the Arts. This endeavour has built an enduring transnational, transregional as well as a transdisciplinary research approach for us across time and space, in both the real world and the virtual ones we are developing.




Looking Ahead


CRCDM is unique in Malaysia, in both its form and function, at a time when research-creation in digital media has taken hold in universities. This centre has been pivotal in showcasing digital cultural heritage and creative media artworks in Malaysia. Our undertakings could not be created by one person alone but are instead a collaborative effort of a transdisciplinary team from the humanities, anthropology, media arts, technology, design and digital production practices.

In CRCDM, the cultural imaginary is the embodiment of the intangible nature of much of the world’s cultural heritage. It resides in the minds and hearts of those from whom it originates and is passed down generation to generation. How that can be preserved and how it becomes codified into sustainable digital forms are key research-creation questions in this latter half of the twenty-first century. CRCDM is at the core of that effort. The materiality of the digital, its embodiment, agency, performativity and the resulting impact on the audiences it seeks to inform, are key concerns of the Centre for our projects going forward into 2020.

Building digital archives that foster audience engagement is also evolving and a constant challenge in our post-digital environment that will present new opportunities for growth into the future. Much of what is created is often lost to the “disappearing digital”. Whether it is individuals or institutions that build such collections to archive digital content, we must hold ourselves responsible for future proofing them so that generations to come will have access.

CRCDM has had a demonstrated project impact in Malaysia - by creating, documenting, preserving and communicating to the public globally, as outlined above. It is one of the few Centres in Malaysia to do so. We are very excited to proudly continue this mission, among others, with our partners, collaborators and with the support of Sunway University to empower a new generation of researchers, creators and scholars to advance our field in innovative ways.