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Keeping Up with the Alumni

Keeping Up With The Alumni, also known as KUWTA is a newly launched series which we SUSC get a chance to interview alumni from the different schools of Sunway University, to get tips and tricks on how to juggle YOUR university life along with your academics.


School of Arts (SOA)


Sunway Scoop - Echo Media Video Article

We officially kick it off with our first school - School of Arts. We are more than grateful to have Mr Graeme who studied digital film production in Sunway University and is currently working at a Digital Agency, where he runs ads and campaigns with us. 

We started it off with our interviewer - Chloe raising a question regarding the tips and tricks he could share with our fellow Sunway students on how they too can have a great time and enjoy their university life. Mr. Graeme addressed the concerns by sharing what had made his university life memorable. He pointed out how having a great group of friends that one could surround themselves with, will help them lead a great life in university and even in the work life after university. 

After that, Chloe continued with her next question regarding Mr Graeme’s favourite subject and his reasoning behind his choice. Mr. Graeme stated that his favourite subject was short film, in digital film production, that he took in his Year 2. Students were required to shoot a short film together and it was personally a memorable one for Mr. Graeme as it gave him a chance to become a director of photography. Since he was placed in a role of leadership, he was in charge of shoot plans and managing the overall process of the film. For someone who had only been a producer who ran logistics and administrative matters, being a director on set was a very memorable for him throughout his university journey. Mr. Graeme made sure he thanked and gave a shout out to his teammate during this interview as they had a great time tackling this project. One of the incidents that took place and still remains unforgettable was when one of the talents was unable to show up during the shoot the next day. This situation pushed Mr. Graeme to stress out a night before the shoot. He went to Sunway’s famous Mamak shop Shaaz that night, where he saw an uncle sitting next to him. Mr. Graeme went up to him and requested for help, hoping the uncle would want to join the shoot the next morning at 8am. Unexpectedly and fortunately, the uncle agreed and showed up the next day at Sunway University for the shoot despite the short notice. Mr. Graeme was more than grateful towards this uncle as it was as though like a blessing in disguise. 

As short film was his favourite subject, Chloe asked Mr. Graeme what the hardest subject was for him and how he coped with it. Mr. Graeme answered Chloe’s question stating that script writing was the hardest subject for him as in Sunway, they require students to not only write a nice story but also to have a good flow and thought process to it. Mr. Graeme then further elaborated by mentioning that since his personality is more inclined towards hands-on implementation rather than advanced planning, he had a hard time getting out of his comfort zone where it made him uncomfortable to stand out in this subject. He wasn’t satisfied with the marks obtained for this subject as a lot of effort was needed to score well. He then realised he is not someone who is suitable for script writing. Regardless of all the hustle, Mr. Graeme stated that he enjoyed the class and the process of challenging himself to think better and differently, which leads to a great learning experience. 

We then moved on to a question that we felt that all students would appreciate, which was if there were any YouTube channels or websites that Mr. Graeme personally used for assistance throughout his university life and self improvement. Chloe was mesmerised when Mr. Graeme showed his favourite app, Google Calendar, that was packed with events and activities. He advised that keeping life on a good schedule is very important as he could track the daily productive activities and also to keep track of his rest. Mr. Graeme is someone who works even during late night and often lack rest, so he advised us to always set a cutout point to make sure to allocate sufficient time for recovery and relaxation. In terms of YouTube channels, Mr. Graeme recommended Linus Tech Tips and Potato Jet as he enjoys watching tech reviews and the various methods of using the technology like phones and cameras to further improve his work. He also stated that he likes Potato Jet as they provide proper reviews of cameras, and they did not fail to make it funny. 

As a quick intermission, Mr Graeme was asked to pick between team coffee or tea and he revealed that he was in team coffee without hesitation! He shared that he brews his own coffee everyday and he even gave a shout out to two good coffee places around campus which is AfterBlack and Beyond Coffee. A special recommendation by Mr Graeme himself: the ice americano single origin from Beyond Coffee. 

Moving forward, Mr Graeme generously offered us with advice for his fellow Digital Film Production students. The first advice is to start assignments early, even if it is due two months later. Because, as a full coursework-based course, keeping assignments to the end would just result in cramming two to three assignments together. He advised students to finish any written assignments in the first month to make time for video shootings and editing in the remaining semester period. Mr Graeme’s next advice is to always meet new people, because university is the best place to build connections with others such as unimates and lecturers from different courses. 
Not looking down on anyone, even the quietest students in class, was something that Mr Graeme emphasized strongly. He also mentioned that we should always be ready to talk and help someone out. Mr Graeme also emphasized on intentionality when making friends, not just with the sole purpose of connections for future job opportunities, but to build genuine friendships. 

To wrap up, Mr Graeme was asked to share some career advice for those stepping into the industry as well as finding a future career. Hustle was the first thing Mr Graeme mentioned. To start working and exposing oneself to the industry even when in university is crucial as he believes that experience is what makes one stand out and unique after graduating as it puts you on top of the list. Another tip shared by Mr Graeme is to flourish CVs with experiences and activities in and out of university. He has also set a benchmark for students graduating from film production, which is to have a mixture of school assignments and outside experiences. 

SUSC is honoured to have Mr Graeme with us sharing his personal experiences, advice, tips and tricks for all the Sunwayians and we hope our fellow Sunwayians find this episode of KUWTA helpful and encouraging. Stay tuned for the following episodes of KUWTA to hear stories and get more insights from our alumni.


School of Medical and Life Sciences (SMLS)

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In this episode of Keeping Up With The Alumni, also known as KUWTA, Sunway University Student Council invited a very special guest from the School of Medical and Life Sciences, Mr Ethan. Mr Ethan, who studied psychology at Sunway University is now pursuing a Master's in Counselling.
The interview started off with Andrea Tan, our PR executive, asking the question - “Do you have any tips and tricks you could share with our fellow Sunwayians on how they can have a great time on campus?”. Mr Ethan replied that Sunway Uni is constantly filled with happening events and there is not a day that goes by where the campus is empty. He then added that Sunway’s environment allows students to customize their journey within their area of interest.

After that, Andrea continued with her next question asking Mr Ethan about his favourite subject and the reason behind his choice. Mr Ethan replied that his favourite subject was educational psychology and the reason behind it was that the subject taught him how to take concepts that are difficult to understand and how human living works. To sum up, the subject was very beneficial and it taught him how to plan objectives and structure programmes so that people can digest them.

Following that question, Andrea then asked “What was the hardest subject and how did Mr Ethan cope with it?”. He answered that Biological Psychology was his hardest subject. Mr Ethan reasoned that the hard part was the biology aspect of it. Mr Ethan then added, “You always have that 1 or 2 subjects that people tell you that everybody fails, and then you get so scared of it and you can’t study for it so you just sit there stunned''. The next thing that occurred was an exam where Mr Ethan freaked out and made him attend Counselling services. Mr Ethan also encouraged students to have free counselling at University as it helps students to figure out themselves more.

Then we moved on to the next question, which was - “Were there any YouTube channels or websites that Mr Ethan personally used for assistance throughout his university life and self-improvement?”. Mr Ethan replied that he uses the app Google Calendar not just during his uni life but even today. He adds that the app not only helps him to keep track of tasks and schedules but also to track his progress. Once in a while, he would hop on to the app to see how much he has achieved and how much time has gone by while doing some self-reflecting. Then, Mr Ethan recommended an app called ‘Forest’. He explained that the app allows you to focus for 60 minutes and after that, a tree pops up. If you were to hop onto another app, the tree dies. As for Youtube recommendations, Mr Ethan commented that CrashCourse was particularly helpful. He adds, "Sometimes when certain subjects get too dry or if you don’t know where to start, but you need encouragement, just hop on to crash course”.

Moving forward, Mr Ethan was questioned about “Advice for Sunway students who are doing the same degree as him”. The first advice Mr Ethan gave is to have something to aspire to. He also elaborated on the issue that most psychology students face in finding a job. The job prospects can be wide as some of his friends do work in PR, marketing and many more. He suggested students reach out to seniors to find out what job prospects are available in the market as it could help students to figure out the type of job they want.

To conclude the session, Mr Ethan gave out some tips and advice to students who are stepping out into society or building a career in the future. He then replied by saying it is important to figure out what skills a student possesses so that they can negotiate with them. He then followed by saying that there is a lot of pressure to get the right job and the feeling that every decision made is a mistake, and how he was provoked by those things. Mr Ethan then advised on having the confidence to start.

As we wrap up this episode of Keeping Up With The Alumni, we hope our fellow Sunwayians find this episode helpful and encouraging. We are more than honoured to have Mr Ethan from the School of Medical and Life Sciences share his tips, tricks and experience with us. Do stay tuned for the following episodes of KUWTA to hear more stories and insights from our alumni!


Sunway Business School (SBS)

Video Article

The exciting KUWTA series continues with our third school - School of Business! We truly appreciate having Ms Shenn Kuan who is originally from Kamunting/ Taiping, Perak and has lived in Sunway for 8 years on our show. At the time of the interview, she had just come back to Malaysia 3 months ago after finishing her Master’s of Arts in Education and International Development at IOE, University and College London’s Faculty of Education and Society. She expressed her gratitude on receiving a Kahazanah scholarship to complete her postgraduate studies. Before her master’s, she previously pursued business studies for her bachelor’s at Sunway University.

We began the session with our interviewer - Tarini enquiring regarding tips and tricks she could give to fellow Sunwayians. Ms. Shenn Kuan addressed this question by recommending students to join the student councils as it was the first time in her life experiencing and practising democracy in an institution. This was due to the fact that she learned how to run for elections, do campaigning, represent students, attend meetings, run events and initiatives, and most importantly - listen to the students. Ms. Shenn Kuan humbly gave credit to the current Sunway University Student Council members for participating in the leadership body to contribute to student welfare. Then, she moved on to encouraging our fellow Sunwayians to volunteer as she was part of the volunteering society herself at Sunway. She emphasised how volunteering allows one to develop empathy and understanding on the socioeconomic situation in Malaysia. She further emphasised on how important it was for us to be aware of our country’s current state of affairs. Tarini then expressed how she was looking forward to trying out Ms. Shenn Kuan’s recommendations.

After that, Tarini moved on to a question we received from a student from the School of Business - Is the first year CGPA important for an internship? Ms. Shenn Kuan stated that it is once again very important to try and keep up with one’s CGPA. She then illustrated something that she learned during her time as a student and now a working adult which turned out to be vital for internship and job interviews was self-awareness. Ms. Shenn Kuan explained that one’s personality and genuineness will be displayed in interviews. She further elaborated that it was a matter of understanding what one wants to do something and why.

The next question for Ms. Shenn Kuan was what her favourite subject was. She passionately stated that her favourite subject was ethics which was taught by Dr. Nagiah Ramasamy whom she admired. She said that the reason behind her liking for this subject was because it was her first introduction to moral philosophy, and understanding morality and decision making. These values were important for her to personally understand, develop and sharpen in order to hone her thinking skills. However, Ms. Shenn Kuan also gave a shoutout to her thesis supervisor, Dr. Izian Idris. She praised the lecturer’s patience and dedication towards the students and the Sunway institution. She concluded her answer to the question by expressing her gratitude towards Dr. Nagiah Ramasamy and Dr. Izian Idris for shaping so many students to become who they are today.

Tarini continued by asking Ms. Shenn Kuan which subject challenged her the most and how she coped with it. She playfully replied that one of the reasons why her CGPA tanked during her first year was due to her economics subject. How Ms Shenn Kuan coped with her hardest subject was by consulting her lecturer! She mentioned that she had to muster as much courage as she had to see her lecturer, Mr. Alvin. Like many Sunway lecturers and professors, Mr. Alvin was very understanding and helped Ms. Shenn Kuan understand the fundamentals of economics beyond class hours.

The next question for Ms. Shenn Kuan was YouTube channel or website recommendations that she would like to share with our fellow Sunwayians. To answer from a different angle, Ms. Shenn Kuan stated that she wished she had used Notion as a student to organise information on clubs and events that she ran. Notion is an app that helps organise anything and everything, from personal life to studies to work, it is a one-stop collaborative space for everyone to share documents and personalise as they like. She highly recommends students to use Notion for better organisation.

Moving on, Tarini asked Ms. Shenn Kuan the big question on advice that she would give fellow Sunwayians that are doing the same degree as her. Ms. Shenn Kuan started off by saying that the world can be uncertain, daunting and is constantly changing, moreso as humans. As someone that is going through a change in career herself, Ms. Shenn Kuan emphasised that if one chooses to pivot in their career in the end, it does not mean they do not have transferable skills from the courses they take. There are many skills that one can bring forward into whatever scene one redirects into. She also encouraged students to take things one step at a time, speak to as many people and be open to listen.

The following question by a fellow student was about how one can make connections and network with established companies. Ms. Shenn Kuan shared that she built connections with companies through the many events that she had organised and attended in and out of Sunway. She also mentioned striking conversations with people that she met at the events and it expanded her worldview and her horizons, knowing what was happening in Sunway and beyond.

To wrap up the session, Tarini asked about Ms. Shenn Kuan’s career advice for students who are stepping out into society as well as for those looking for future careers. She advised students to understand their values, self-reflect, and most importantly speak to as many people and reach out to relevant contacts for a better understanding of their situation and their interests. A great example that Ms Shenn Kuan gave was visiting career fairs to reach out, speak to as many people as possible and understand what their day-to-day lives look like working in the field. She also recommended students to reach out to the alumni office to speak to the alumni who are willing to share their experiences.

We hope our fellow Sunwayians find this episode insightful and encouraging. We are honoured and grateful to have Ms. Shenn Kuan from the School of Business share her precious pieces of advice and experience with us. Do stay tuned for the following episodes of KUWTA to hear more stories from our alumni!


School of Hospitality and Service Management (SHSM)

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The alumni series continues with the fourth episode with Ms Regina from the School of Hospitality and Service Management. Ms Regina who graduated in 2020, studying tourism is now working as a project coordinator in Earth Heir, a social enterprise where she works closely with refugees and Orang Asli. Ms. Regina mentioned that her work provides support to marginalized communities in Malaysia.

The interview then began with Ms Regina sharing some tips and tricks that help her through her time at Sunway University. She shared that students should give their 100% at everything, and that there’s no task that should be done just for the sake of doing it. Following that, Jayne, our PR executive, delved into Ms Regina’s academic past, asking what her favourite subject was while studying at Sunway University. Ms Regina then fondly recalled her time in the baking and pastry class during her years in the diploma programme. Her love for desserts and pastry shone through as she shared how each class provided the opportunity to indulge in these sweets. Ms Regina’s passion for the culinary arts and her sweet tooth were a winning combination, making that her favourite time and most cherished memories from her academic years. As for her years in the degree programme, Ms Regina expressed her love for research. She highlighted how it allows her to explore new ideas, where she gets to read alot and question all the information that she found.

Jayne continued the interview by inquiring about her most challenging subject and how she overcame it. Ms Regina shared that the business statistics almost proved her downfall. She added that she was someone who’s not the best at mathematics and she found herself grappling with the complexities of the subject. However, thankfully Ms Regina was able to overcome it by studying with her friends who excelled in the subject. She shared that she was grateful for having these friends and how they were able to study together.

As the interview continued, Jayne asked about the resources that Ms Regina used to manage her studies and life in uni. Ms Regina shared that the E-Learns website was an huge tool for keeping track of her pending tasks and ensuring that she didn’t lose track of what she had missed. In addition, she mentioned that YouTube was an amazing platform to watch videos and tutorials for subjects that students are struggling with. She also emphasized that the uni’s library was a true treasure as you can find many information and resources there. Then Jayne, being a fellow hospitality student was keen to hear Ms Regina’s thought on what she found the most enjoyable aspect of working in the industry. Ms Regina’s response was immediate and enthusiastic, as she expressed her deep passion is when working with people. During her internship at the Hilton Hotel and 4 Points Sheraton, she had the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life. Through this experience, it taught her how to be patient, think on her feet and effectively solve problems on a immediate response.

Next, Jayne threw a thought-provoking question asking that, “if you could go back in time and offer a piece of advice to yourself, what would it be?”. Without hesitation, Ms Regina replied that urging her past self and the fellow students to always give their 100% and always be ready to new challenges and opportunities. She also stressed the importance of loving what you do and being passionate about working with people, as this is an important essence of the hospitality industry.

As the interview come to an end, Jayne brought in a fun question to wrap up the session in a fun way. The question, “what is your go to comfort food in or outside of campus, while studying?”. Ms Regina did not hesitate and gave two answers. First she shared that the Nasi Lemak outside of campus, located at the Rock Cafe was a perfect comfort food and especially during her morning classes! Saying how she would never miss a chance to have it. Then she added that the kaya balls located at the waffle place in campus comes in handy whenever you need a break in between classes.

This wraps up the interview. We hope that this episode will be enlightening and motivating to all our fellow Sunwayians. We consider it an honour and are very appreciative of Ms Regina to share her insightful knowledge and experience with us from the School of Hospitality and Management. Keep an eye out for the upcoming episodes of KUWTA to hear more tales from our graduates!


School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS)

Video Article

In the fifth episode of Keeping Up with the Alumni (KUWTA), Ms. Bowie, a distinguished guest from the School of Mathematical Science, shares her experiences and valuable insights. This article highlights her journey through Sunway University, her tips for success, favorite subjects, coping with challenges, and resources she recommends for actuarial students.

Ms. Bowie, a graduate from the January 2015 intake, completed her Bachelor of Science (HONS) in Actuarial Studies in December 2017. Currently, she is involved in actuarial valuation and reporting, specifically focusing on embedded value and capital solvency. As an alumna of the School of Mathematical Science, Ms. Bowie's achievements and expertise make her an ideal source of advice for current and aspiring students.

One of the key challenges faced by actuarial science students is finding a balance between their studies and personal life. Ms. Bowie acknowledges that while actuarial science demands a significant time commitment, success is achievable with proper prioritization. She emphasizes the importance of identifying what truly matters to students, whether it's family, friends, studies, or passing actuarial exams. By understanding their priorities, students can make informed decisions regarding how they spend their time and ensure they invest it wisely.

Reflecting on her time at Sunway University, Ms. Bowie identifies underwriting practice as her favorite subject. Underwriting is the process by which insurance companies assess policies before they become active. This subject stands out due to its interactive nature and the strong bond developed among peers and lecturers. With a small class size of just 20 students and the guidance of Ms. Low Ann Ann, the lecturer, the class engaged in various activities, including having lunch together, competitive debates, and discussions. Such an interactive learning environment enhanced the overall experience and made the subject memorable for Ms. Bowie.

Ms. Bowie candidly reveals that financial economics was the most challenging subject for her during her actuarial studies. To overcome this hurdle, she adopted a direct approach: practicing extensively with a plethora of questions. Beyond tutorial sessions, she engaged in additional practice questions designed for actual professional exams. Despite the numerous questions attempted, she occasionally struggled with the subject. In such situations, seeking help from peers and lecturers played a pivotal role in her learning journey. Ms. Bowie encourages students to seek assistance when needed, as there are no stupid questions, and university is the ideal place to clarify doubts and acquire knowledge.

Ms. Bowie shares some valuable resources that aided her in managing her student and university life. She recommends the YouTube channel "Etched Actuary" as a helpful source for actuarial exam tips and crucial insights for future careers. Furthermore, she acknowledges the usefulness of ChatGPT, an AI tool that can assist actuarial students and working professionals in their endeavors, despite not having had access to it during her time at the university.

When considering the working field, Ms. Bowie highlights that different pathways exist within actuarial studies. In her case, as an insurance professional, she emphasizes the significance of the subject "life contingency." This subject delves into survival and death probabilities, teaching essential financial metrics for assessing insurance company profitability. Although the concepts are initially learned in an academic setting, they seamlessly transfer to practical application in the workplace.

Ms. Bowie sheds light on the process of becoming an associate actuary before graduating. She emphasizes the importance of identifying the criteria, exams, and costs associated with achieving actuarial qualifications. Students must plan their study and practice time while also prioritizing proper rest. Execution of the plan entails diligent effort and discipline in preparing for exams. By adhering to a well-designed timeline and successfully passing the required exams, students can qualify as assistant actuaries while still in university.

Ms. Bowie's journey through Sunway University's School of Mathematical Science and her subsequent career in actuarial studies provide valuable insights for current and aspiring students. Her emphasis on prioritization, seeking help when needed, and utilizing helpful resources resonates with the challenges faced by many students. By adopting these strategies, aspiring actuaries can navigate their university life successfully and develop a strong foundation for their future careers.


School of Engineering and Technology (SET)

Video Article

The Keeping Up With the Alumni series ends with our sixth and final school - School of Engineering and Technology! Andrea, the host of the KUWTA episode, welcomes our special guest, Mr. Joel, who was an alumni from the School of Engineering and Technology (SET). Joel introduced himself as a former student of SET, where he studied Business Analytics and Information Systems. He currently worked as a product manager at Health Metrics.

Andrea was intrigued by Joel's experiences and asked him to share some tips and tricks for the current SET students who wanted to enjoy their student life while excelling in academics. Joel mentioned that one of the best things about Sunway University was the wholesome experience it provided. He encouraged students to get involved in clubs, societies, and interact with students from different courses. According to Joel, this would give them a unique and multi-perspective approach to tackle science and technology subjects.

Andrea then brought up a question from a fellow Sunwayian about time management and avoiding last-minute work. Joel shared his own struggle with managing multiple responsibilities while being the General Secretary of the student council and the president of a club. He explained that waking up early and having a structured schedule helped him stay on top of his work. Joel emphasized the importance of having good teammates and allies in university and delegating tasks when needed.

As the conversation continued, Andrea asked Joel about his favourite subject during his studies. Joel expressed his interest in subjects that had real-world implications and allowed him to derive meaningful insights. He mentioned a project where he analyzed a speed dating dataset, using it to uncover strategies for securing the best matches. Joel believed that data analytics was about storytelling, and the ability to present data in an engaging manner was crucial.

The conversation then shifted to the challenges Joel faced during his studies. He mentioned that linear algebra was conceptually the hardest subject for him. Visualizing concepts in higher dimensions was difficult, but he overcame it by explaining and articulating the topic to himself and his teammates.

Andrea asked if Joel had any recommendations for YouTube channels or websites that could assist students in their studies and university life. Joel mentioned following study YouTubers like Thomas Frank and Ali Abdaal. However, he also highlighted a book called "Study Smarter, Not Harder" that helped him approach studying with the right mindset. The book emphasized the importance of outputting knowledge and using techniques like flashcards and regurgitation to reinforce learning.

As the interview neared its end, Andrea asked Joel for advice for students pursuing the same degree as him. Joel stressed the significance of being able to tell stories with data and advised students to focus on their presentation skills. He believed that being a good storyteller would set them apart in their future careers.

Finally, Andrea asked Joel for career advice for students entering society and those searching for future career paths. Joel encouraged students to step out of their comfort zones and try new things. He also emphasized the importance of being a specialist in multiple domains and finding a career that aligns with one's passion.

The interview concluded with a lighthearted question about whether Joel used to drive to university. Joel revealed that he took the free bus and shared his experience of leaving home early to catch the bus at 6 a.m. everyday.

Andrea thanked Joel for his valuable insights and advice, concluding the final episode of Keeping Up with the Alumni. She expressed her hope that the series had benefitted Sunway University students and invited them to watch the other episodes of the show and follow SUSC’s Instagram for future initiatives.

The Dean's Insights


The Dean's Insights
The Dean's Insights

The Deans Insights is to introduce all the deans of each school to students. Furthermore, these series discusses and gain the perspective of deans on non academic related topics but significant topics, that will be beneficial for the students.

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Let's Get Reels

Let's Get Reels

Interested in knowing more about the clubs and societies Sunway University has to offer? Watch this series now to find out in more detail on your favourite/interested clubs and societies that you would like to pursue throughout your time in Sunway University.

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Keeping Up With Series

Keeping Up With Series description: Keeping Up With Series invites other successful or well-versed individuals to share their knowledge in different aspects of education and life for Sunway students.

Episode 1: Keeping Up With The Presidents

In the recent episode of "Keeping Up With The Presidents," Sriram, President of Sunway S-Pair, and Aaron, President of Sunway University Student Council, sat down to discuss their motivations for seeking presidency, the benefits of leadership roles for future career prospects, and the challenges they faced in leading their respective clubs.

Both Sriram and Aaron shared similar paths to presidency, citing their involvement in student council and inspiration drawn from previous leaders. Sriram highlighted the invaluable learning experiences gained from juggling multiple responsibilities, including academic pursuits and club leadership, while Aaron emphasized the importance of personal growth and skill development through leadership roles.

The discussion turned to the perceived balance between schoolwork and presidential duties, with Sriram expressing a somewhat disagreeing stance. He emphasized the importance of effective time management and the misconception of blaming extracurricular activities for academic setbacks. Aaron echoed this sentiment, stressing the need for individuals to assess their capabilities and priorities before taking on leadership roles.

Reflecting on their experiences, both presidents identified recruitment and team cohesion as significant challenges. Aaron discussed the complexities of aligning individual goals within the student council, while Sriram tackled the task of building a larger team for S-Pair. Through open communication and strategic planning, both presidents were able to overcome these hurdles and progress toward achieving their clubs' objectives.

Aspiring leaders within the student body can draw inspiration and insights from the candid dialogue between Sriram and Aaron. Their journey exemplifies the transformative power of leadership roles in shaping personal and professional development.

Stay tuned for future episodes of "Keeping Up With The Presidents" as Sriram and Aaron continue to share their experiences and insights into student leadership at Sunway University!


SUSC Podcast

SUSC Podcast

SUSC podcast will feature a compelling array of topics consisting of topics that relates to the current Sunway students. Through thought-provoking and narrative storytelling, we aim to capture the attention of our community and relate to the students of Sunway.

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