How to book the power studio and the conference room?

Head to Izone and under Services, click Student Hub Bookings.


Who should I go to if I face any academic issues?

You may email @email DM us on our Instagram @sus_council and we’ll approach you!


Where is the SUSC office located?

Our office is located at the Student Hub at B1 College Building.


What are student cohort representatives and when can I apply for it?

Student Cohort Representatives (SCRs) represent their cohort for their following intake and course. They act as the voice of their cohort and are the bridge between the management, SUSC, and the cohort. SCRs are also awarded a certificate after a year of service to recognize their hard work. Recruitment occurs yearly in the months of January, April, and August, so follow SUSC's Instagram page @sus_council to keep track!


What are the clubs & societies that I can join at Sunway University?

You can find the full list of clubs & societies at Sunway here!


Are there ATM Machines on campus?

There are ATMs located next to Fresco and in the College Foyer.


How can I know more about scholarships?

You may check out the list of scholarships & its requirements offered by Sunway University and external parties here. Moreover, if you still have any further queries, you may email @email.


What are the accommodations available on campus?

There are 3 accommodations on Campus: Sun-U Residence, Sunway Monash Residence (now known as Waterfront Residence) & Sun-U Apartment. To address all the 3 accommodations in details, check out the: Brochure, Handbook & Rental Fees.

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