Global Digital Talent Programme

About The Programme




The Global Digital Talent (GDT) Programme is a programme offered by Alibaba Business School. The vision is “to inspire, inform and enable one million young digital talents worldwide by 2023” (source: Combining project-based learning and theoretical teaching, participants develop critical skills for the digital economy by working through semester-long projects in collaboration with a community or business while studying the fundamental concepts and prevalent mindsets of the digital economy. Upon completion from the programme, the participants will have set up their own digital business or transformed an existing offline business to online business.

There are two main parts to the programme. Sunway University further divides it to be Part 1 and 2. Upon completion of Part 1, the students are recognised as part of the GDT Network, obtaining “GDT Membership”. The GDT Membership gives access to a global community of digitally minded people, exclusive content, updates about the digital economy and members-only events and opportunities.

Upon completion of Part 2, passing interviews with examiners from Alibaba and industry practitioners, and fulfilling the required criteria, the students will be a “Certified GDT Practitioner”. The recognition enables students to access career and business opportunities in the digital economy sector including Alibaba Group and members of its ecosystem.

Part 2 of the programmes are supported and conducted by Sunway iLabs. Sunway iLabs will provide the mentorship required for start-up, networking between start-ups and corporate investors, and provide funding through the start-ups accelerator programmes. Through the wide network and the mentoring provided, new start-ups will have a smoother experience in launching and running the business.