e-Commerce Jumpstart Programme 2.0

About The Programme

Malaysia is expanding forward to become the Asian e-commerce hub and is currently facing a shortage of eCommerce talents. Many small and medium industries in Malaysia are in urgent need of e-commerce talents to help and support their business to remain competitive in the evolving digital economy. The eCommerce Jumpstart Programme 2.0 (eJP2.0) is based on the eCommerce Jumpstart Programme 1.0 (eJP1.0) which was aimed to help traditional retailers establish their business online. One of the participants, Babylon Vertical farms recorded an online sales boost of 300% since the programme began. The following are the partners that we worked to make eJP1.0 a success.

e-Commerce Jumpstart Programme 2.0

- Avana                                        - Cradle 

- Easy Parcel                               - Fave 

- Global eCommerce Talent     - Interpid 

- Kumoten                                   - MAGIC 

- MDEC                                        - Momentum 

- Ourshop                                    - PopBox 

- Powersell                                  - Red Dino

- Shopline - Sun Sea Capital      - The Lorry


The eCommerce Jumpstart Programme 2.0 (eJP2.0) is aimed to create e-commerce talents to support the digital business transition in the Malaysian economy. The program includes lectures, technical talks, and workshops from successful digital entrepreneurs, e-Commerce players, and academics. This e-commerce program's objective is to create e-commerce talents that will be able to support various SMEs to establish and support their online business and remain competitive. The e-commerce talents will be exposed to setting up an online business, selling and marketing on e-commerce platforms, customer segmentation and digital marketing.