School of Hospitality participate in the ‘Learning Links’ Event

School of Hospitality participate in the ‘Learning Links’ Event

Learning Links is a new marketing effort, where 450 high school students from all over Klang Valley are invited to come to Sunway University and attend workshops conducted by lecturers. The purpose of the workshops is to encourage these students to discover their interests and possible area of studies. The School of Hospitality enthusiastically joins in at this event to conduct workshops related to culinary (by Chef Yee Suet Rene and Chef Soon Pau Voon), hospitality (by Mr Zulfikry) and events (by Ms Farah Atiqah).

For the culinary workshops, Chef Yee Suet Rene conducted a “Berries Crumble and Pound Cake” workshop, whereas Chef Soon Pau Voon conducted a “Chicken Chasseur” workshop. In the workshops, the visiting students learned about proper terminologies, commodities and ingredients used to prepare the food items. It was surely fun when the students get to experiment with flavours and textures! The berries crumble and pound cake were also beautifully decorated. It definitely is very mouth-watering!

The event workshop on “Designing Teambuilding Events” began with a brief introduction of the events programme offered in the School of Hospitality followed by an introduction of the events industry in Malaysia. Students are exposed to the conceptualization and examples of teambuilding events. Ms Farah also included interactive team activities where the students are given an opportunity to pitch their concept. Ms Farah Atiqah also added “As the facilitator, I am happy to see incredible efforts by promising students as they demonstrated creative ideas and the intuition to succeed in their endeavour. Most importantly, I hope the students understand the essence of brainstorming and team work from the workshop”.

Mr Zulfikry who conducted a “Napkin Folding” workshop highlighted that table setting is important and would play a role in formal and casual dinners. A napkin may seem to be a small accessory on the table, though it strongly reflects one’s personality and style. Mr Zulfikry also shared some easy tips and guidelines to fold the napkins easily.

The workshops conducted by the School of Hospitality are some of the efforts to engage with potential students to explore learning opportunities within the School and future career prospects.